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Saturn in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

When a person moves to a new place of residence, he first of all thinks about happiness and luck, evaluating the position of Venus and Jupiter in the horoscope of moving , dreams of expanding opportunities and scaling, while planets that carry dangers and restrictions should be given no less attention. Saturn always teaches his charges humility and patience. This is the lord of time and karma, so his position in the relocation chart will show where he will have to work tirelessly, not counting on the gifts of fate, and also where he will have to endure restrictions, or narrow down some requests himself.

Saturn in the 3rd house of the relocation map reduces the number of connections, teaches not to plunge headlong into meaningless communication, but to cut off all unnecessary connections, leaving only trusted people. Yes, and the native himself will have to keep his word and fulfill all his obligations, otherwise you can forget about friendship and mutual assistance.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 3rd house of the relocation chart

The third house has many meanings. He is responsible for communications, communication with colleagues, neighbors, brothers and sisters, driving, but at the same time, the possibilities of fulfilling desires through mental strength and the ability to manage information are hidden here.

Depending on the strength and harmony of Saturn, 3 options are possible:

  • it limits the manifestation of the native in all the areas indicated above, depriving him of inner strength;
  • he strikes only one of the topics mentioned, and in the rest everything is as usual;
  • it helps to concentrate on one direction or another, depending on the desire of the native, and to achieve success in the shortest possible time by volitional effort.

Of great importance is also the natal position of the planet. Depending on which house the planet of karma passes into the 3rd, one can assume a more accurate event in reality.

The grid of houses shifts both clockwise and counterclockwise, so most often Saturn ends up in a location house, moving from the nearest 1, 2, 4, 5 sectors. This does not mean that now you can breathe easy and forget about some restrictions of natal, but the emphasis will be on the 3rd house.

If Saturn has moved there from the 1st, it will be difficult for a person to open up in society in matters not related to work. Well, if he is a leader, then it will be easier, but at a party, corporate party, at school, he will be considered closed and laconic, while he just needs time to open up. Sometimes he himself behaves this way, deliberately not entering into conversations with people who are of little interest to him, while with those who he likes, he will behave like a reliable friend and keeper of other people’s secrets.

Moving from the 2nd house to the 3rd restricts the desires of the native. It is difficult for him to dream and believe in something that cannot yet be touched. He becomes a materialist and a practitioner. Money comes from older relatives, work in the media and publishing houses, but any information on work must be checked at the time of reliability.

The movement of Saturn from the 4th house to the 3rd will affect the atmosphere of communication with family members. The native becomes strict and laconic, begins to make different demands. He has a desire to transport elderly parents or grandparents to him. He chooses an old house, with history, he becomes interested in buying real estate, investing in guest houses. With a harmonious planet, information about apartments itself comes to him and settling in a new place is quite easy, thanks to such luck.

The transition of Saturn from the 5th house to the 3rd alleviates the problems with conception in a woman. She receives important information from elderly doctors, or she herself suddenly understands what needs to be changed in herself in order to become pregnant. Men begin to take their romances seriously, checking the chosen one for reliability, and later they have a desire not only to have fun, but in the future to get married.

If a native has children, then he can change the principles of education to more conservative ones, again, information about other, more stringent methods comes through conversations, the Internet, and various articles. With a harmonious planet, this is good, with an affected one, it leads to a cooling of relations with children.

Saturn in 3rd house relocation and study charts

On the one hand, the native approaches the issue of learning very seriously, carefully prepares, structures the material, memorizes the necessary information.

However, when Saturn is afflicted, memory deteriorates, it is difficult to separate the main from the secondary, a person becomes a bore who adheres exclusively to the learned material, but cannot spontaneously answer questions.

Saturn in the 3rd house relocation charts and personal transport

A planet afflicted by square or opposition is a good reason not to drive if Saturn rules or is indirectly associated with 3, 8 or 12 houses. Of the minor troubles, there can be a quick dilapidation of the car when you just bought it, and suddenly something breaks, cracks, and comes off in it. There may be problems with the motor and tires.

At the same time, harmonious Saturn portends a long life for the car, however, it also requires strict adherence to traffic rules. The slightest desire to jump forward, forgetting about the signs, is severely punished karmically. Where the other is not noticed, the native will be fined.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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