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Saturn in the 8th house of the relocation chart

When a person draws up a relocation chart with new geographical data and GMT time of birth in the place where he wants to move, he will inevitably face the question of choice and prioritization. In any case, the movement of the planets will create accentuated luck in certain houses , while others will be under attack, especially if there are negative aspects .

One of the main villains of the horoscope is Saturn . Of course, he does not exclude a positive development of events, but only after a series of trials and difficulties that the hero needs to pass with honor. His position in the 8th house is the most difficult. This is the case when it is worth going to live in another place. To stay where the negatively aspected Saturn is in the 8th house is only possible for a priest or someone who plans to stay in this city for no longer than a couple of years.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 8th house of the relocation chart

More difficult than this position can only be the position of the planet of karma in the 12th house. However, it is no coincidence. Firstly, it is worth considering why this particular place is so attractive in terms of moving and settling there. The fact is that this is a karmic position, suggesting the presence of generic problems and debts related to the issue of finance and magic.

It is quite possible that the ancestors of the native abused both for personal gain, and now the person intuitively strives to the place where the line of mining will turn on. If there was no such thing in the family and there is a choice between this city and another, it is better to choose the second option, especially if the presence of material well-being is at the forefront.

Saturn in the 8th house of relocation does not allow you to get rich, other people’s finances also will not bring happiness, and life may be in danger if Mars, Pluto, the ruler of the 8th house contacts the 12th.

However, when interpreting, it is important to consider from which house of natal the planet of karma passes. Most often, the movement comes from the nearest 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th and this imposes its own nuances.

For example, the transition of Saturn from the 6th house of natal reduces immunity and dulls the sense of danger. A person considers himself invulnerable, does not protect health. His libido decreases, his character deteriorates, and colleagues and subordinates especially suffer from this. At work, embezzlement of other people’s money is also possible, in which the cardholder will be guilty.

The movement of the planet from the 7th house to the 8th creates a protracted crisis in matters of personal and business relationships, and this will concern the partner’s finances, which will bring not profit, but problems, and in the event of a divorce or separation, it is possible that another person will want to bewitch native or pluck it to the skin.

The transition of Saturn from the 9th house is the least harmful, although it can bring discord and problems to the business due to the difference in mentality and religion. With negative aspects, it is impossible to keep funds in foreign banks and create a joint business with representatives of other countries.

The movement of the planet of karma from the 10th house is all the more difficult for those in high status and business owners. Not immediately, but over time, a crisis is likely if there are quadratures, as well as a narrowing of the profit stream.

Positive aspects give a chance to pass the test, subject to the legal registration of transactions. For ordinary people, financial dependence on the mother or mother-in-law, as well as the boss, is likely.

Saturn in 8th house relocation charts and money

The eighth house is associated with other people’s money, loans, investments and taxes. In all these areas, problems, delays, conflicts are possible, which will have to be resolved in court, especially if Saturn is in the 7th house in natal or controls it.

If the native is a manager, then difficulties with wealthy elderly clients are not excluded, and if he is a subordinate, then he can be made a scapegoat if the authorities make a mistake. The main difficulty is related to taxes. Here it is necessary to observe every letter of the law, because otherwise the retribution will be tough, up to imprisonment.

There are also likely to be problems with documents when applying for a loan and deterioration in health, which, for example, will make it impossible to pay a mortgage on time.

Difficulties are also brought by various inspections by departmental services, customs, and investigating authorities. If the native shares profits with a partner, then he loses more. The promised inheritance also has to be shared with someone, or there are obstacles to receiving it.

Saturn in 8th house relocation and relationship charts

This sector of the horoscope is associated with sexuality, and therefore with the level of the energy that a person is ready to share with other people. Saturn significantly limits these resources. It is even more difficult when it comes into opposition with transiting Saturn in the 2nd house. Then there is a sharp energy decline, lack of sexual desire, irritation with a partner, as well as financial dependence on him, which, against the background of a decrease in libido, is quite painful and unpleasant.

However, favorable aspects to Saturn soften these manifestations. Here, a regular intimate life is possible, for example, once a week, which suits both spouses, as well as the execution of a marriage contract that guarantees financial protection to the native. It is also possible that single cardholders may experience sexual attraction to partners older than themselves.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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