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Sextile Moon – Mercury

The Moon and Mercury are the luminaries responsible for the perception and storage of information. They describe the native's thinking process and intellectual capabilities. The moon, among other things, symbolizes human intuition, and Mercury will tell about his speech abilities.

The speeds of the Moon and Mercury are relatively high. Closely interacting with each other in the natal chart , they impart excellent adaptability to the subject, good learning ability, agility and quick reaction.

The influence of the aspect on the psychological characteristics of a person and his behavior

Sextile Moon - MercuryA person who has a sextile of the Moon and Mercury in his natal chart is distinguished by attentiveness, sociability, an inquisitive mind and the ability to navigate well in the area. The owners of the aspect are friendly, tactful and diplomatic. They know how to negotiate with a variety of people and learn with enthusiasm.

Due to the fact that the owner of the horoscope is constantly expanding the list of his contacts and exchanging with numerous familiar news and information, he is quickly becoming popular and successful in any intellectual and socially oriented activity.

A person with this aspect can become a successful blogger, journalist, writer, educator, teacher, agent, salesperson, or consultant.

Sextile of the Moon and Mercury in the radix of a man

The moon in a man's horoscope is one of the indicators of relationships and marriage. The harmonious aspect of this luminary with Mercury will tell about the qualities of the character of women who are attracted to the native. The woman of his dreams must certainly have a lively mind, an easy character and excellent communication skills.

Relationships are built easily, naturally and bring a lot of positives. It is not difficult for a native to come to an agreement with a partner. He is open to communication and is attentive to his significant other. His companion responds to him with sincerity, understanding and friendliness. In life together there will be a lot of variety, favorable changes and interesting events.

Sextile of the Moon and Mercury in the woman's radix

The harmonious aspect of the Moon and Mercury in a woman's natal will describe her as a constructive, talented, kind and contact person. She is constantly expanding her horizons, loves to travel around the world and communicates with smart people.

She considers marriage partnership and the creation of her own family as one of the interesting life opportunities. In the house, she maintains a lively and creative atmosphere, she enjoys communicating not only with loved ones, but also with distant relatives. The owner of the horoscope knows how to explain well any things in the simplest language, and she always finds mutual understanding with her husband and children.

Sextile of the Moon and Mercury in the radix of the child

The kind aspect between these planets makes the child easy to learn, sociable and inquisitive. As a rule, these kids quickly learn to speak and understand their parents perfectly. As they grow up, they get great pleasure from reading, exciting trips and communicating with loved ones, friends and relatives.

Exercise, breathing exercises and outdoor walks are good mood and health benefits.

Interaction of the Moon and Mercury in various elements

The sextile of Mercury and the Moon most often combines the influence of the elements of Fire and Air, as well as Earth and Water.

If this aspect arose between the planets that are in the signs of Air and Fire, then the native is a born negotiator and mediator. He knows how to captivate the interlocutor with the course of his thought and convince him of the need for any action or decision.

If the sextile between Mercury and the Moon activates the signs of Water and Earth, then the owner of the aspect skillfully uses his intuition and intellect when solving business and financial issues. Such people are sociable, but not superficial. They have the flexibility to interact with people. At the same time, they are always guided by common sense and are focused on concrete results in business.

Lilia Garipova


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