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Sextile Moon – Jupiter

Sextile is a harmonious aspect that unites the forces and energy of two luminaries. The moon, which is responsible in the horoscope for the psychological state of a person and his physical health, blooms, feeling the beneficial influence of Jupiter.

This aspect gives the holder of the natal chart vigor, energy and an optimistic outlook on life. Such people are cheerful, know how to foresee many events in life and use all the favorable chances that fate gives them.

Since the Moon is responsible for the ability to adapt, and Jupiter is responsible for expanding the horizon and the sphere of its influence, the owner of the aspect is not afraid of changes in life. He is open to new things, loves adventure and travel, in which there are numerous opportunities for self-development.

The influence of the aspect on the personality of a person, his behavior and psychological characteristics

Sextile Moon - JupiterThe sextile between the Moon and Jupiter endows a person with good imagination, foresight, humanity and justice. Thanks to the good nature, positiveness and positive energy that the native radiates, people are drawn to him.

The owner of the natal chart is happy to help others around in word and deed, charges them with his enthusiasm and gives confidence in a favorable outcome of affairs. The native wishes well to each of his comrades and acquaintances with all his heart. People feel this, and on occasion, they also provide him with help and protection.

As a rule, the owners of this astrological constellation achieve success in life, authority and material wealth. Wisdom and strong intuition help the native to navigate in any situation, and good penetrating abilities – to achieve what he wants.

Sextile of the Moon and Jupiter in natal men

The moon is a pointer to marriage and relationships in the man's radix. A good interaction with Jupiter will tell you that the native prefers women who are smart, educated, talented and active.

The sextile of the Moon and Jupiter is one of the indications of a happy marriage. The spouses develop joint projects, travel a lot, strive to improve their lives and spiritual self-improvement.

Sextile of the Moon and Jupiter in natal women

This aspect in a woman's natal chart will tell about her independent and freedom-loving character, the breadth of her soul and love for education. Having become a wife and mother, she shows such qualities as caring, hospitality, the ability to please loved ones and enjoy life.

Sextile of the Moon and Jupiter in the natal of the child

Children, in whose radix there is this configuration, are distinguished by a positive outlook on the world and a benevolent attitude towards others. Such a child absorbs knowledge like a sponge. The kid has an inquiring mind and loves to learn about the world around him. He greets every day with enthusiasm, because so many new discoveries and exciting adventures await him. It is important to give him the opportunity to get acquainted with all areas of interest to him.

As a rule, the surrounding people influence the child well, and an atmosphere of love, mutual understanding and well-being reigns in his family. This is especially true if the Moon is in the signs of Cancer or Taurus.

Interaction of the Moon and Jupiter in various elements

Moon and Jupiter, united by the sextile aspect, are in most cases in the signs of Earth and Water, Fire and Air.

If the planets stand in earth and water signs, then the native has many happy opportunities in life related to property, real estate and material resources. He considers the family to be his stronghold and support and in every possible way supports his loved ones and relatives. The owner of the aspect puts a lot of energy into the sphere of relations and associates his best hopes with it.

The Moon and Jupiter, located in the fire and air signs of the zodiac, endow the subject with foresight, excellent communication skills and the ability to quickly grasp the essence of the matter. Such people always know who to turn to for good advice. They themselves are always ready to advise a person in need of help and point out to him favorable prospects in business.

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