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Sextile Sun – Mars

The sextile of the Sun and Mars is one of the options for a successful interaction between the heavenly bodies. Despite the fact that Mars is traditionally considered an evil planet, the harmonious aspect minimizes the damage it causes. Thanks to the sextile, the powerful energy of Mars is channeled into a constructive channel. Such a distribution of planetary energies often brings glory and success to the native, since the Sun is associated with fame, authority and high position in society.

Sun - Mars

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities, behavior and human activity

Subjects, in whose horoscopes there is a sextile between the Sun and Mars, are distinguished by good leadership and volitional qualities, courage, courage, resilience and perseverance. They always know how and when to act in order to achieve their goals and gain financial well-being.

Such people make good leaders who know how to competently and confidently set goals for their subordinates, clearly define the scope of their responsibilities, charge them with positive energy and give an incentive for labor exploits. At the same time, such leaders never abuse their power and do not use pressure and diktat in order to ensure a positive production result in a short time. They know how to combine strong-willed pressure and constructiveness, democratic and authoritarian management style.

People with the sextile of the Sun and Mars know how to take care of both their own safety and the safety of those around them. They are decisive and dexterous; in the most dangerous situation, the owners of this aspect act clearly and quickly, preventing many troubles and unfavorable development of the situation at the root.

People who possess this constellation in the horoscope will achieve significant success if they choose activities related to sports, commerce, finance, military affairs, politics and production.

Sextile of the Sun and Mars in the female horoscope

The two celestial bodies, the Sun and Mars, symbolize the masculine principle in the radix; in the female chart, they describe the relationship that develops in the owner of the horoscope with the opposite sex.

A woman with this aspect is temperamental, sexually attractive and knows how to establish promising relationships with the stronger sex. She looks bold, independent and at the same time unapproachable, which forces a man to first seek her attention and location, and then her hand and heart.

The sextile aspect between the Sun and Mars brings harmony and constructiveness to relationships with men. The owner of the horoscope attracts strong-willed, decisive, financially secure, enterprising and successful men in society. This aspect is one of the indications of a successful and happy marriage.

Interaction of the Sun and Mars in various elements

The interaction of the Sun and Mars can be different depending on which elements activate these planets.

The Sun and Mars united by the sextile, emphasizing the interaction of Fire and Air in the horoscope, make a person proactive in communication and successful in any intellectual activity. Such a subject is able not only to generate ideas, but also to kindle others with them. Aspect holders, as a rule, achieve popularity in society; they are born negotiators, flexible partners, and successful combinators.

The Sextile of the Sun and Mars, connecting the elements of the Earth and Water, imparts to the native thrift, industriousness and the ability to achieve excellent practical results. He successfully solves all matters related to the organization of everyday life, and knows how to achieve material well-being. If the subject is associated with creativity, then it certainly has an applied character and brings the owner of the aspect not only fame, but also financial benefits.

Lilia Garipova


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