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Sextile Sun – Neptune

Sextile of the Sun and Neptune is a kind aspect, symbolizing creativity, the desire for spirituality and the achievement of the highest harmony. The sun is responsible for human self-expression, and Neptune is associated with the subconscious and the depths of the psyche. Interacting with each other, these two celestial bodies endow the native with fantasy, inspiration and strong intuition. Neptune, illuminated by the Sun, gives a person the opportunity to show the world their spiritual riches, manifested in creativity or in any activity aimed at the benefit of others.

Sun - Neptune

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and worldview of a person

People who have a harmonious aspect of the Sun and Neptune in their horoscope are humanists and idealists by nature. They are sophisticated, merciful, sublime, talented and psychological. Often, wonderful kind thoughts and wonderful creative images are born in their minds, and if the owners of the aspect embody them on paper, on canvas, in the form of music or in any other way, then this makes an indelible impression on others.

Such people are sensitive to other people's pain, so they try to provide support to those in need. Often they are the ones who organize charitable foundations and become volunteers helping in orphanages, nursing homes and various shelters.

You can freely share your concerns and concerns with the owner of this aspect. Many turn to such a person for advice and help. Thanks to wisdom, responsiveness, the gift of foresight and the ability to keep other people's secrets, the subject always has many friends, assistants, well-wishers and admirers.

Holders of the sextile of the Sun and Neptune can best realize their rich creative abilities by choosing activities related to art, philosophy, religion, medicine, psychology, charity or finance. They can also find a worthy application for themselves if they choose the field of tourism, recreation and recreation.

Sextile of the Sun and Neptune in the female horoscope

Since sextile is a harmonious aspect that connects the significator of marriage, the Sun with Neptune, the image of a man in a woman's horoscope includes positive characteristics. Men who are creative, gifted and inspired are attracted to the mysterious, gentle, merciful and mysterious owners of this aspect. A talented musician, artist, psychologist, or just a spiritual person with high ideals can become a partner.

The chosen one of a woman, in whose birth chart there is a sextile of the Sun and Neptune, is sometimes distinguished not only by a high level of morality and religiosity, but also by good wealth, since Neptune belongs to the financial planets.

Relationships with the opposite sex in such women are based on sensitivity, spiritual unity and mutual understanding.

Sextile of the Sun and Neptune in various elements

Sextile of the Sun and Neptune most often unites related elements: Fire and Air, Water and Earth.

If the Sun and Neptune are in the fire and air sign of the zodiac, then the native manifests himself as a subtle psychologist who knows how to communicate with completely different people and find an individual approach to each of them. The owner of this aspect has a rich imagination and diverse talents; he often realizes himself in society, choosing some kind of creative role.

The Sun and Neptune, activating the interaction of the Earth and Water, impart good intuition to the personality of the subject, with the help of which material and everyday issues are effectively resolved. Such people have not only rich creative potential, but also have the talent to realize it and to achieve, thanks to this, material well-being and a strong position in society.

Lilia Garipova


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