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Sextile Sun – Uranus

The Sun and Uranus are heavenly bodies associated with the social purpose of man and his role in society. If the Sun and Uranus are connected by a sextile, their planetary principles and influences manifest harmoniously in life. The native loves to be in public and among people. At the same time, he knows how not to get lost in the crowd and pay attention to the positive qualities and rich content of his personality. The kind aspect between the Sun and Uranus makes a person socially active and in demand in any team.

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities, worldview and attitudes of a person

The Sun and Uranus Sextile endows the subject with a bright personality, openness, humanity, friendliness and a great love of freedom. Such people value independence more than anything else. They are loyal to the behavior and views of others and, as a rule, do not use force to force them to do anything.

In addition, the owners of the good aspect between the Sun and Uranus never find themselves in a situation of submission. They try to work and live in democratic conditions. The native is accustomed to always independently choosing his own path in life, solving non-standard problems and looking for simple solutions to the most difficult issues. All this is given to him quite easily thanks to his powerful intellect, creativity, endless love for creativity and knowledge.

People with a good aspect of the Sun and Uranus are always aspiring to the future, full of enthusiasm and faith in progress. A positive attitude towards life attracts a large number of friendly-minded people to them, who soon become their associates and associates.

Due to the ability to interact with the masses and great social activity, a native with such an aspect is most suitable for activities related to communication, communication and the organization of new joint projects. Such a person will also be interested in working in the field of the latest technologies, engaging in scientific and research activities. He often finds himself in programming or engineering. Electrics, electronics, astronomy, space exploration, astrology – this is just an incomplete list of the vast interests of people who have an aspect of sextile between the Sun and Uranus in their horoscope.

Sextile Sun – Uranus in the female horoscope

Since the Sun in a woman's horoscope is a signifier of marriage, the aspect of Uranus will tell the type of man she will consider to be the most attractive and interesting for herself. Ladies with this aspect love men who are erudite, sociable, cheerful, unusual and who value friendship.

Relationships usually begin as friendship, and if it passes the test of strength and loyalty, then such a relationship eventually grows into true love. Women with the sextile of the Sun and Uranus are not inclined to change partners, and in love they show loyalty and constancy.

Sun - Uranus

Sextile of the Sun and Uranus in various elements    

The Sun and Uranus, united by the sextile aspect, most often manifest their qualities, being located in the friendly elements of Fire and Air or Earth and Water.

The first option is lighter and more harmonious. The elements of Fire and Air allow the star potential inherent in this aspect to manifest in all its strength. The native easily interacts with others, charges them with positivity and faith in a successful future. He easily fits into any team, where he instantly becomes an informal leader and authority. The subject is loyal to any views and thoughts, he himself generates progressive ideas and uses them in collective projects.

If the sextile of the Sun and Uranus unites the influence of the elements of Earth and Water, then the owner of this aspect also shows friendly moods and erudition. However, his strength lies not so much in spiritual and intellectual leadership, as in the ability to create for his friends and associates worthy and comfortable conditions for creativity and self-realization and to involve them in socially useful activities.    

Lilia Garipova


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