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Selena (White Moon) in Taurus – wealth, health, prosperity

A fictitious planet, symbolizing a guardian angel, named in contrast to the Black Moon – White, Selena, in Taurus is in a strong position – exaltation. She does not have her own abode, but there are signs that double the protective power and endow the native with luck and prosperity in gratitude for the benefits he has done in a past life.

Every seven years, the crescent of the White Moon reaps the harvest of the native’s good deeds and transforms them into a worthy reward, and if there are few of them, reckoning will probably come in the form of illness, real estate problems or deprivation of funds, for which Taurus is responsible. However, compliance with the basic moral laws in relation to personal and public property, commodity-money relations, will become a solid basis for the unconditional protection of the Higher Forces, especially if you know the nuances of the influence of the guardian planet in this sign of the zodiac.

The salutary impact of the White Moon in Taurus

Selena in exaltation awakens hard work in the native, the ability to see beauty in simple things, endows with an exquisite taste and understanding of art. In previous incarnations, the bearer of the White Moon in Taurus generously shared material benefits, and not necessarily from untold riches. Even a piece of bread shared with a friend could lead to the emergence of a guardian planet in this sector of the natal chart. Accordingly, even now she endows the ward with similar spiritual qualities and abilities:

  • perseverance, perseverance in achieving the goal: as soon as the owner of Selena in Taurus is determined with desire, there is powerful support from the Higher Powers in the form of a chain of favorable circumstances;
  • beautiful musical voice and ear, allowing you to sing complex vocal parts, charm clients and buyers in business;
  • love for the native land, field work and gardening, landscape design, handicrafts and interior decoration;
  • generosity, a desire to share the fruits of labor with others, and sometimes literally, regularly laying luxurious tables for many guests;
  • confidence, friendliness, the ability to foresee the consequences of actions and business started, especially concerning making money and buying a home.

The White Moon in Taurus supports the native in matters of cash and real estate, with which he never has problems, but lazy, apathetic people who deny the principles of healthy eating and sports, it is difficult to get the invisible help of a guardian angel, although in this case they are hungry and they will not remain beggars. Selena will not allow the ward to earn money by fraudulent or thieves, instantly stopping these attempts.

Three levels of karmic manifestation

Interestingly, the more the owner of the White Moon in Taurus spends money or mental strength to support those in need, the richer and healthier he himself becomes. The girl, blessed with the support of Selena and Venus, ruler of the sign, bathes in luxury and exudes charm.

A man thrives and grows rich in any enterprise, and he knows the happiness of reciprocity only if women of any age are respected and honored. The White Moon in Taurus has three levels of karmic manifestation, depending on the degree of the native’s spirituality:

1. Lower – a person gets used to luck in relation to material goods, taking for granted, goes on about greed and stinginess. Good health, a lot of friends, prosperity in the profession give the illusion of eternal stay in the position of a darling of fate, however, luck lasts exactly until the moment when Selena’s bonuses equal the level of karma accumulated in her past life, followed by a sharp collapse: loss of health, apartment, money if the native only consumes and does not give.

2. Medium – the representative of the White Moon in Taurus continues the path of the previous incarnation, earns, expands the business, raises the professional level, while generously gifting neighbors and acquaintances not only financially, but also helping in real estate matters, sharing a natural reserve of energy, especially if he practices healing …

3. The Highest – works for the good of humanity, retaining the necessary funds, while having access to the information bases of the Universe, being able to control the egregor of the whole nation, restraining the forces of darkness.

The healing resource of the Selena bearer in Taurus is the earth. Even just lying on a plowed field, digging in the garden among his favorite plants, he finds spiritual harmony and understands how to do the right thing in a difficult situation.

Aspects with other planets

The White Moon ennobles the planets with which it is in configurations, enhancing their positive properties. It is important for a native to have favorable aspects with Venus and the Moon, which give strong charisma, indestructible health and the ability to win over people, which automatically guarantees career success.

Trine and sextile with Jupiter and Saturn will provide sympathy for rich business people: they will subconsciously perceive the native as an equal, helping to reach the level of a millionaire through connections or sponsorship.

Negative aspects with Saturn make the carrier of Selena in Taurus a closed workaholic, with Mars and Jupiter – a snob, belligerently defending the privileges of their social circle, and with Lilith they give constant temptations with destructive emotions associated with wealth.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Taurus:


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