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Conjunction Ascendant – Lilith: fatal attraction

The Black Moon is all secret desires, thoughts, dreams that are embarrassing to talk about, but they excite the imagination through an unconscious attraction to the forbidden fruit. The Ascendant is the Ascending sign, and it is sometimes more significant than the Sun, because through it others perceive the native as a socially significant person, and he himself is shown in society in this way.

The connection of Lilith with the Ascendant triggers a powerful physical attraction. This is a real magnet for the opposite sex and a charismatic role model for her own. Even if such a person puts on a monastic robe, he will still exude magnetic sexuality, but at the same time people suspect him of something obscene and criminal, even if he tries to be an angel in the flesh. This is the price of that boundless physical attractiveness and the ability to get out of the water dry, in seemingly hopeless situations due to witchcraft charm.

Features of the influence of the connection of Lilith and the Ascendant

Although the reaction of others to the appearance and behavior of the native is not always positive, a person unconsciously really likes to shock, confuse, manipulate and charm other people, even if it harms him: they gossip about him, condemn him, even curse sometimes.

This is a fatal man and woman who, for the sake of entertainment, will take their partner out of the family or break up a strong couple, set up a colleague, although in fact they do it out of boredom to make life more fun. Of course, these actions are performed by people at the lower level of Lilith’s manifestation. They do not tolerate being in the shadows, it is easier for them to remove a competitor than to tolerate indifference to themselves. Such a reaction can be caused by the following features of the connection Lilith – Ascendant:

  • a rather late flowering of sexuality and physical attractiveness (often coincides with a 9-year cycle, for example, at 14 years old – an ugly duckling, at 18 – a femme fatale), which is shocking as the native himself, who is used to the fact that his efforts to be noticed are futile;
  • aggressive and hostile attitude on the part of the same sex: even if the native tries not to stand out and deliberately dresses modestly, sexual fantasies and intentions are attributed to him;
  • addiction to extravagant clothing options, hairstyles, hair colors and anarchic type of behavior, especially if the Ascendant is in the sign of Aquarius or Uranus joins the combination;
  • non-traditional sexual orientation, although in the case of a native it may just be a game to shock the public;
  • harsh, rude speech, entanglement in verbal strife and mat (in the case of additional aspects with Mars);
  • not always, but there is a strong craving for violence from childhood: they torture animals, bully weak and kind peers, or, if Lilith is in a fall, become victims themselves.

Lilith in the 1st house often gives a mark on the visible part of the body, sometimes in the eye area in the form of black birthmarks or moles. Women with this aspect love to emphasize their eyes with too bright arrows, and their lips with scarlet lipstick, which sometimes gives them a vulgar look, but otherwise they do not feel self-confident.

The positive influence of the connection Lilith – Ascendant

The Black Moon has 3 levels of manifestation: the lowest, the middle and the highest. If on the first level the native aggresses and provokes others, on the second he suffers from a negative attitude towards himself, atoning for generic sins, then at the highest level he gets access to Lilith’s talents and the opportunity to vividly manifest them on the Ascendant.

As a rule, these are artistry, charisma, the ability to lead people, leadership qualities and the gift of persuasion. If the native is a person of historical scale, then everyone who is close to him will also become famous. All the achievements and successes of a person, one way or another, extend to the inner circle of communication.

Even on a more mundane plane, the beautiful owner of the Lilith-Ascendant connection visually makes her friends who are next to her more beautiful, and they certainly will not be left alone, because there will be enough crowds of gentlemen for everyone. But do not forget that the opposite is also true: if the native commits a crime, the consequences will be felt by all friends.

It is interesting that people with the connection of Lilith and the Ascendant have a very developed intuition, they feel lies and falsehood, it is impossible to deceive them, but it is they who often become victims of rape or crime. The point is a deep need for terrible experiments. They feel that this is a criminal, but they go after him to learn a new experience. At the highest level of Lilith, they have the power to immediately reject violence and help others avoid it.

How to harmonize the connection of Lilith and the Ascendant

The study of the aspect is simple and complex at the same time. Naturally, you need to stay away from dangerous companies and not provoke others to release negative energies yourself, but higher people very often feel hostility towards the native for no reason. The best way to remedy this is to develop artistry in all its manifestations: the stage, the organization of holidays, singing, public speaking, preferably with a charitable purpose. Lilith shows the place where a lot of evil was committed by the ancestors of man. In the case of conjunction with the Ascendant, this is selfishness and abuse of power for personal gain.

You need to be ahead of the curve – to do selfless acts, not so much to enjoy your popularity as to help others become famous, then the negative side of Lilith will be neutralized.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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