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Mars – Uranus conjunction

The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the natal chart is an unusual astrological combination. Mars is responsible for the strength, energy and ability of a person to take decisive action. Interacting with Uranus, the planet of freedom and independence, the native becomes a pronounced individualist. It is impossible to predict his actions, and in any of his activities, others notice an element of novelty and originality.

Mars - Uranus conjunction

The influence of the aspect on personality traits, behavior and human activity

A person, in whose natal chart there is a conjunction of Uranus and Mars, can be called, on the one hand, extraordinary, talented and inventive, and on the other hand, too impulsive, unrestrained and unable to work in a given mode.

Superiors often consider such a subject an inconvenient person, a rebel and a revolutionary, and if it were not for his constructive ideas and inventions that greatly facilitate production processes, then his antics would have long ago led to sad consequences.

People with this aspect fearlessly oppose any social injustice. In a collective, they often become informal leaders and agitators calling for the struggle for a better life. Thanks to the friendly attitude and gift of persuasion, the native unites friends and like-minded people around him. He manages to inspire the group to achieve jointly set goals.

Since the conjunction of Mars and Uranus is a negative aspect, destructive tendencies can take place in the life and work of a native. If the business suddenly becomes uninteresting to him, he abandons what he has begun without any regret and starts a new life. It is important for a subject with this aspect to choose a job for himself that ensures constant development and movement forward.    

The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the natal chart of a man

The aspect of the conjunction between Mars and Uranus will tell about the behavior of the owner of the natal chart and his lifestyle. Such a man is distinguished by his freedom-loving character, democracy and friendliness. It is important for him to have an established circle of friends who understand him, support and accept him as he is.

In order for the native's personal and family life to develop, he needs to find a woman-friend and like-minded person who would not limit his freedom, recognize his talents and treat his views favorably.

The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the natal chart of a woman

If there is a conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the woman's chart, then this is one of the indications of difficulties in her personal life. Men can be caught with an uneven character. It is not easy to establish stable relationships with them, as they are unpredictable and do not like to make commitments.

In order for the relationship not to end in rupture, it is necessary to build it on a democratic basis. The understanding that no one is obliged to anyone and that everything in the union is done voluntarily should be present in both partners. Only in this case can the relationship be promising.

The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the child's natal chart    

A child, in whose natal chart there is a conjunction of Mars and Uranus, can be disobedient and restless. However, he should not be forced to do anything against his will. If you give him complete freedom of action and the right to choose, then there is a chance that the kid will finish the job started.

The most important motivation in play and learning activities for such a child is to create something interesting and original. Any activity in a group with peers will be a fascinating activity for these children. If adults are able to interest the child in something new and unusual, then he will be able to develop further in what he loves without additional control on their part.

Lilia Garipova


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