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Conjunction Mercury – Mars

The conjunction of Mercury and Mars will tell about the peculiarities of thinking, the level of human learning, as well as his intellectual and business activity.

Mercury is the planet responsible for the native's mental and communication abilities, his ability to receive and transmit information. Mars, the planet of power and energy, makes a person's mind sharp, and his speech energetic and convincing.

Mars is a malevolent planet, and such a combination of planets sometimes makes the native unrestrained, harsh in communication and prone to disputes.

Conjunction Mercury - Mars

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and abilities of a person

A person, in whose natal chart there is a conjunction of Mercury and Mars, has a strong intellect, insight and excellent research abilities. His thought processes are very fast and active. Such people spend a lot of energy looking for new information, studying unfamiliar material and communicating with others. A native achieves positive results in activity with the help of eloquence, the ability to quickly make the necessary acquaintances and effectively communicate with the audience.

The owners of the aspect feel the need for a constant change of impressions. Travel and travel provide an influx of fresh information. Often, the native cannot imagine himself without his car, he is able to fix technical problems himself, as he understands mechanics and has skillful hands.

A person with the aspect of the conjunction of Mercury and Mars can be successful in business, linguistics, in the industrial and financial spheres. Activities that require agility, dexterity and quick reaction are suitable for him.

A native should beware of rudeness and avoid using obscene expressions in speech. In relationships with loved ones, you need to remember that even a word can hurt, and try to avoid unpleasant remarks, unfounded criticism and harsh words.

The conjunction of Mercury and Mars in the male horoscope

Mars will characterize the man himself – the owner of the horoscope, describe his lifestyle and behavior. Mars in conjunction with Mercury is a sign that the native has not only intelligence, but also good organizational skills. He is sociable, communicative, has information and knows how to benefit from any information.

A man with this aspect never stops learning. He is sincerely interested in communicating with others, but sometimes he is inclined to initiate arguments and heated discussions, which makes him an extremely inconvenient interlocutor.

The conjunction of Mercury and Mars in the female horoscope

Since Mars is the significator of marriage in a woman's birth chart, aspects of this planet will give meaningful information about the potential partner of the owner of the horoscope. The conjunction of Mars with Mercury will inform about a man active, resourceful, dexterous and enterprising. In relations, the factor of joint intellectual development and an ongoing exchange of views will be important. Partners need to avoid verbal skirmishes, insults and unnecessary criticism.

The conjunction of Mercury and Mars in the children's horoscope

If there is a conjunction of Mercury and Mars in the child's natal chart, then he has a tenacious and quick mind, and his attention must be constantly occupied. The child grasps any information on the fly, and often it is not difficult for him to learn several foreign languages. Any books and educational programs in chemistry and physics will also be useful to a resourceful and inquisitive child.

The physical development of the child will be facilitated by participation in any outdoor games. Such children will love quests, olympiads and intellectual competitions. A child can show interest in any applied art (wood carving, sculpting, etc.), but it should be protected from wounds, abrasions and bruises.

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