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Conjunction Mercury – Pluto

The conjunction of Mercury with Pluto in a person's natal chart speaks of his powerful intellectual potential and ability to influence others with a word. Mercury is responsible for the perception of information and thinking, and Pluto speeds up thought processes and makes the native's speech bright, lively and convincing.

Pluto is considered a malevolent planet, and therefore its conjunction with Mercury can cause anxiety and anxiety for the subject. To prove his case, he can enter into verbal battles and skirmishes with others. We have to push through our initiatives and express our opinion against the wishes, actions and prohibitions of higher and supervisory authorities.

Conjunction Mercury - Pluto

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and abilities of a person

The owner of the aspect between Mercury and Pluto is not afraid to contact a large number of people and knows how to influence the masses, addressing them in writing or orally. His speech is energetic and bold. The native considers it necessary to expose a lie, talk about the real (most often deplorable) state of affairs and in every possible way calls on others to fight and take active steps to correct the current situation.

Audience control helps a person with this aspect to become a popular person. Magnetic, emotional speech especially strongly affects the minds and hearts of others, and well-aimed words and “strong” speech turns into popular slogans and aphorisms.

A person with the aspect of the conjunction Mercury – Pluto often has discernment. Thanks to good intuition and a sharp mind, the native manages to solve the most intricate problems. In addition, he understands the internal causes of problems. The owner of the aspect knows no boundaries in studies and any activity that is interesting for him. The thirst for knowledge and the desire to open the veil of secrets are so great that he stops at nothing, just to find the key to the riddle that interests him.

A person with this aspect needs to learn to overcome such traits as waywardness, irritability, a tendency to litigation from scratch and backbiting.

Best of all, the energy of Mercury and Pluto will be used if the native chooses for himself a job in the media or engages in any research activity. He will be interested in such areas of knowledge as psychology, linguistics (foreign languages), finance, politics, business, forensics.

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in the child's horoscope

A child, in whose birth chart there is a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto, has every chance to speak early. He is curious and communicative, but adults should not impose on him the study of subjects to which he has no interest and inclinations.

Such children need to be protected from nervous strain. Excessive mental stress can negatively affect their well-being. The study of biology, chemistry, physics and foreign languages ​​may be of the greatest interest for a child.

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in some zodiac signs

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto manifests itself most powerfully in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Aries and Scorpio.

If the conjunction of the planets happened in the signs of Gemini and Virgo, then the native is very smart, dexterous, mobile and uses his intuition to solve intellectual problems. High mental activity helps him to find inaccuracies and errors in processes and phenomena, and the ability to analyze – to establish any activity.

If Mercury and Pluto activate the sign of Aries or Scorpio, then the owner of the horoscope has good penetrating abilities and knows how to stand up for himself. He achieves his goals thanks to the ability to access the necessary knowledge and manage information flows. He knows that it is the valuable information that sets him apart from the competition and knows how to benefit from his advantage.

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