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Conjunction Mercury – Saturn

Mercury is the planet responsible for thinking, speaking and human nervous reactions. His astrological image is distinguished by mobility, dexterity and speed, and it is not without reason that in ancient mythology Mercury is presented as a messenger and mediator. Interaction with Saturn most often negatively affects the qualities of Mercury. Saturn slows down the processes of thinking and cognition, which makes the mind and speech unhurried. But at the same time, the thoughts and conclusions of the native are nevertheless logical, consistent and thorough.

In addition, Mercury is responsible for analyzing and organizing information. Here Saturn helps him to realize these functions. A native who has a connection of the above planets in the natal chart demonstrates accuracy, attention to detail and knows how to bring any information into a coherent system of knowledge.

Conjunction Mercury - Saturn

The influence of the aspect on the personal qualities and abilities of the native

The aspect of the conjunction between Mercury and Saturn speaks of the native's pedantic, punctual and neat nature. Perhaps these people seem taciturn and withdrawn, but having established a strong and reliable contact with someone, the subject comes to life and trusts the interlocutor with a lot of valuable information.

The owner of the aspect takes seriously the choice of his closest circle. It is easier for him to communicate with a person whose relationship is determined by a certain hierarchy. At work, the native clearly understands to whom he must obey, and to whom – to give orders. Knowledge of the internal routine gives him strength and self-confidence.

The subject assimilates new information slowly, but the knowledge firmly settles in his mind. The most diligent owners of the aspect can boast of the fundamental nature of their education.

These people tend to like to work with facts and figures. They can be successful in activities that require counting, computation, logical analysis, and organizing information. They can make good accountants, mathematicians, administrators, secretaries, proofreaders.

The owner of the horoscope should avoid picky, cold and arrogant towards others. It is also necessary to understand that pettiness and excessive bureaucracy harm the business, and decisions must sometimes be made quickly, otherwise the opportunity will be missed.

The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in the child's horoscope

A child, in whose natal chart there is a conjunction of Mercury and Saturn, needs a special approach to training. In childhood, there may be delays in speech and problems with diction.

New educational material is difficult for such children, and adults need to be patient in presenting information. It is advisable to back it up with specific facts and rely on graphs, tables and information taken from real life, since the baby takes any word literally and does not know how to abstract.

Despite the slow mastery of the material, the child can achieve significant success in practical and exact disciplines (for example, in mathematics, physics), as he knows how to take the learning process seriously.

The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in some zodiac signs

Despite the fact that the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn is generally a negative aspect, it can bring success to the native, especially if the planets are in the signs of Virgo, Gemini and Capricorn. In this case, the mind acquires a special depth and practical orientation. The native is distinguished not only by high awareness of the business he is engaged in, but also demonstrates great mental efficiency.

A person achieves good results in activities thanks to the ability to highlight the main thing, to organize things correctly and optimize work processes. In their activity, the owners of the aspect are careful, and their every action is verified and based on the experience gained.

Lilia Garipova

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