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Conjunction Mercury – Venus

Venus and Mercury are always close to the Sun. They are located at a relatively small distance from each other. In this regard, the planets do not form many mutual aspects, but each of them is valuable and enhances the creativity in a person.

Mercury and Venus have a lot in common: their principles are related to communication, communication, contractual and intermediary activities. The planets do not conflict with each other and in most cases bring benefit to the owner of the horoscope.

Conjunction Mercury - Venus

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and abilities of a person

The owner of the aspect is the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the natal chart , visible immediately. He is polite, peaceful and knows how to express his thoughts beautifully. Everything he said and wrote admires those around him and evokes a lively response in the mind. The speech is rich in images, beautiful similes and graceful phrases. Such people understand the world of artistic images and sometimes try themselves in writing lyrics or prose texts.

People with this aspect between Mercury and Venus also have a love of reading and learning. They are constantly in search of new knowledge and impressions, they love to meet interesting people and exchange good news and positive thoughts.

The mind of the possessor of the aspect is very fruitful. Any idea for such a person is valuable, and he develops it until it brings real benefit. In addition, the subject knows how to weigh the pros and cons and most often makes deliberate and correct decisions.

Good communication skills and talents of the negotiator help him in any activity. The entity can achieve particular success in the field of trade, transport, consulting services and jurisprudence. People with this aspect can also try themselves in advertising.  

The shortcomings of a person with the conjunction of Venus and Mercury can be an excessive love of pleasure and entertainment, an unwillingness to be serious in difficult situations and a tendency to avoid problems by “chatting” the opponent.

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the male horoscope

Since Venus indicates marriage and relationships in a man's birth chart, aspects of the planet can be very informative if you need to characterize the type of woman most attractive to a native. The aspect of connection with Mercury will indicate that the subject will choose intellectual, mobile, sociable and businesslike women as partners. In a relationship, the owner of a horoscope is looking for a variety of sensations and romantic impressions. He loves to talk about love, knows how to confess his feelings and expects that a loved one will answer him with the same sincerity and heartfelt openness.

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the female horoscope

Venus symbolizes girls and young women in the horoscope. In female natal, Venus and her aspects will characterize the owner of the horoscope. The conjunction of Venus with Mercury will tell about a woman who is smart, creative and always striving to learn new things. Any intellectual activity gives her pleasure, and she cannot imagine her life without travel, travel and study.

Such women, as a rule, are skilled craftswomen and know how to organize their life. Thanks to good taste and the ability to do everything beautifully, they become good housewives and valuable employees. The owner of the aspect is happy to embody her creative ideas into reality, and this applies to any area of ​​application of her efforts.

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the children's horoscope

Children, in whose natal chart there is a conjunction of Mercury and Venus, have many talents, the development of which should be paid attention to. They may be interested in drawing lessons and classes in a literary circle. Since Mercury is responsible for cognition, and Venus is for creativity, such a child will be happy to explore the world of art. In addition, it is necessary to develop the manual abilities of such children, since they have the ability to create beauty with their own hands.

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