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Venus square Lilith: criminal passions

A tense aspect with the Black Moon (Lilith) prevents you from manifesting the energies of another planet correctly. Venus is responsible for the sense of beauty, style, sensuality, awareness of female energy and the system of material values. All this is distorted, it seems sinful and forbidden, or vice versa, alluring so much that a person does not see beyond physical pleasures and material accumulations and does not want to develop.

Lilith is the karma of the family, accumulated over the centuries, inherited by the native. Everything associated with her seems like a forbidden fruit, especially when combined with Venus. Novels and love affairs are a separate branch of the temptations of the native, where passion either chokes on the vine, and the partner is crushed under him, or the person indulges in all serious. Much depends on the sign and house of Lilith in a particular chart.

The dangers of the square Lilith – Venus

The aspect makes the cardholder fear intimacy. Women deliberately focus on external sexuality, men position themselves as collectors of hearts, emphasizing that they are not made for family traditions. It is very difficult to lead such people down the aisle, they constantly start novels, replacing quality with quantity. At the same time, the sincere desire of a person in love to get closer mentally scares them, but there are absolutely no sexual experiments of various kinds.

With the square of Lilith – Venus, 2 scenarios are possible:

  1. the native indulges in all serious, recognizes the craving of criminal passions, understands this and enjoys it to the fullest;
  2. a person is ashamed and unpleasant for fantasies arising out of nowhere, he is afraid to share with someone, suppresses or denounces them.

Women with this aspect are potential witches and fatal beauties, and even if their appearance is far from the classic parameters, they attract a lot of fans. You don’t even have to try to impress anyone here. The owners of the square can behave as they please, and given the internal tension and the need to throw out boiling passions so as not to burn out from the inside, such ladies really behave extravagantly and illogically.

Men with a Venus-Lilith square are also magnetically attractive to the opposite sex, and if the planet of love is in earth signs, they treat women consumeristically.

The main problem of the aspect is the question of power in the topic of relationships. It is important for the native to dominate the partner, since Lilith includes in Venus a burning desire to completely own the object of her passion. It is very difficult for such people to understand the higher concept of love due to fixation on the sensual nature of relationships. Sometimes it seems to them that others are only interested in them in the body and carnal pleasures that they can give, but not in the soul, dreams and thoughts. This is a very painful discovery. Even if they themselves advocate an open relationship, the partner must be faithful and be there.

Sometimes it really happens that the human qualities of the native do not arouse interest or are depreciated. Such a bias hits hard on self-esteem, but for harmonization it is necessary to correctly prioritize within oneself.

Venus square – Lilith and relationships

Of course, first of all, the aspect touches upon the issue of love relationships with sexual overtones. The native is capable of a lofty and exalted feeling, but it is difficult for him to live without the sensually depraved part of his “I”. If a woman falls in love with a man with Venus square – Lilith, she should come to terms with his potential betrayals, because one partner is not enough for him, no matter how beautiful she is. Here, a good example would be the personal life of the owner of the aspect – A.S. Pushkin, who was thrown from the wonderful moments of the sublime Venus to the voluptuousness of Lilith.

The second interesting point is the fact that a significant partner has appeared, whose needs the native has to take into account. If you analyze the life circumstances of the owners of the Venus-Lilith square, you will notice that they have to take great care or save their wives and husbands. They are either sick, or in difficult circumstances, or their problems are so great that, without the intervention of the native, collapse is inevitable. On the other hand, this is how the owner of the card can free himself from the fear that he is only physically attractive, but not spiritually significant, and understands that love is not only sex. Yu. Andropov, George Sand, Clark Gable, A. Pushkin, V. Smekhov, Yu. Nagibin had similar circumstances.

How to work out the square Venus – Lilith

Aspect really gives incredible attractiveness and charisma. This is an application for popularity, and it is no coincidence that many celebrities partly owe the love of the public to the square of Venus and Lilith: Vera Kholodnaya, Mireille Mathieu, Leonardo DiCaprio are known all over the world. However, they also had to thoroughly work out the issue of self-esteem and self-confidence. As soon as they got rid of the complexes, circumstances began to develop for the good.

Of course, talented artists need to accept themselves and their nature, but it is also important for representatives of other professions to find their own unique style. Due to the powerful charisma of the Lilith square with Venus, you can succeed in any business, and this energy also attracts money. The main thing is to develop spiritually, while not condemning yourself for increased libido, trying to keep these values in harmony.

A good talisman for Venus square – Lilith will be white opal .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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