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Conjunction Sun – Mercury

Mercury and the Sun are always close to each other, and therefore of all the astrological aspects between them, only a connection is possible. In this case, the solar principle, which is responsible for the mind, life guidelines and aspirations of a person, closely interacts with the Mercurian principle of cognition, perception, processing, transmission of information and communication.

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities, worldview and thinking of a person

Having met such an aspect in the natal chart, one can draw conclusions about the main characteristics of the personality and  views on life, as well as about the features of thought processes and speech.

The sun, connecting with Mercury, endows a person with such qualities as mobility, sociability, efficiency and diplomacy. Such people believe that it is very important to be knowledgeable and well educated, therefore, as a rule, they learn a lot and willingly.

Mercury in conjunction with the Sun will tell a lot about human speech and thinking. The closer these two celestial bodies are to each other, the stronger the energetic connection between them. Too intense streams of solar energy create interruptions in the thinking processes of the owners of this compound, as a result of which they may experience speech impairments, memory problems, nervousness and illogical thinking.

The further the Sun is, the better Mercury manifests its properties and functions. People with this aspect easily comprehend new things, show a high level of observation, think figuratively and perfectly reproduce what they have recently learned by heart.

For the owners of the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, such professions as journalist, commentator, writer, teacher, writer, manager, administrator, translator, agent, accountant, driver, freight forwarder are best suited.

Conjunction Sun – Mercury in the female horoscope

In the horoscope of women, the Sun, in aspect with Mercury, will characterize her relationship with the opposite sex and help describe the image of the man most attractive to her.

Such women want their partner to have a good sense of humor, easy character and developed intelligence. It is important for them that they exchange news with them, make fun interesting trips and learn new things. In addition, such ladies will be attracted by men who are practical, collected, realistic and firmly on their feet.
Sun - Mercury

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in some zodiac signs

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury manifests itself especially strongly in the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Leo.

If the planets are grouped and closely interact with each other in the sign of Gemini, then the personality manifests in society such qualities as attentiveness, quick wit, contact and the ability to quickly perceive and transmit various data. These people are fast learners, have a wide social circle and are easy-going. Travel and travel bring them great pleasure.

If the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at the time of birth occurred in Virgo, then in most cases the subjects can boast of an outstanding mind and strong analytical abilities. They love to understand the most difficult issues, constantly study new disciplines, improve technical processes and successfully analyze events. Thanks to insight, good memory and iron logic, such people easily manage to organize work processes, create new technologies in a variety of areas, and also improve them.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Leo characterizes people as self-confident and full of dignity. Connection owners use their eloquence and wit to make an impression in society and gain recognition from the public. They love to perform on stage, teach, review socially important events. Thus, they attract everyone’s attention and gain popularity.

Lilia Garipova


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