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Conjunction Sun – Pluto

The conjunction of the Sun and Pluto is an aspect that clearly distinguishes the native from the background of other people. If the Sun is a source of energy, then Pluto increases the available internal potential of a person several times. People with this aspect attract attention to themselves thanks to their inner magnetism, strong will and powerful energy that emanates from them.

Sun - Pluto

The influence of the aspect on personality traits, behavior and attitudes of a person

The Sun and Pluto, closely interacting with each other, give the human character extraordinary strength and endurance. Such people know how to achieve success and popularity. In order to become leaders, they have all the necessary qualities for this: the ability to fight, command, convince people and demonstrate to them the dignity of their candidacy. Thanks to such personality traits, they easily achieve popularity and crowd support.

This connection is equated with tense aspects, therefore the native is inclined to show such negative qualities as conflict, impatience, tough character, recklessness and lust for power. Despite the dictatorial habits and authoritarianism, those around them willingly obey the owner of the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto. A person with such an aspect is secretive and cautious, but he is perfectly oriented in an atmosphere of crisis, chaos, general panic and hysteria. He knows how to get out of a dangerous situation and avoid irreparable losses.

People whose birth charts have a conjunction of the Sun and Pluto are interested in finance, politics and business. A good knowledge of psychology helps the native to successfully manage the masses and achieve socially important goals; that is why the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto is a good aspect for a leader of any level. Another advantage that the mentioned aspect gives is the presence of a strong intuition, which helps the subject to benefit from any enterprise and to make capital.

This aspect also allows you to achieve fame in the world of show business and promises good luck when organizing any entertainment events and performances. The aspect of the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto helps to achieve positive results in the fields of criminal investigation, investigation and forensics.

Conjunction Sun – Pluto in the female horoscope

The sun, in the female horoscope characterizing a man and describing a relationship with him, connecting with Pluto, speaks of a strong, strong-willed, popular and financially secure partner. A woman with this aspect will be attracted to a man who is energetic, ardent, passionate, assertive and adventurous.

However, this partnership will not always be easy. A man can show excessive control in relationships, jealousy and dictatorial habits. The negative aspects of his character include hot temper, aggressiveness, straightforwardness, the desire to suppress and dominate relationships. A woman with a tense Sun-Pluto aspect needs to develop flexibility in relationships and the ability to find compromises.

The conjunction of the Sun and Pluto in some zodiac signs

This aspect manifests itself especially clearly if the planets are in Aries or in Leo. Since Pluto is moving at a low speed, such combinations are rare. If Pluto was in Leo relatively recently (from 1939 to 1957), then its transit across Aries took place in the 19th century (from 1822 to 1851).

The conjunction of the Sun and Pluto in Aries gives the world people who are ambitious, progressive, striving for life changes and starting a new, great and large-scale business. Subjects with this aspect in the sign of Leo are partial to power. They know how to ignite and inspire people to achieve goals, strive to command, and also have unshakable courage and fearlessness. The range of interests of people with this aspect includes, among other things, art and sports activities.

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