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Uranus – Pluto conjunction

Uranus and Pluto belong to the group of higher planets. The speed of movement of these celestial bodies is low, and therefore the connection between them does not occur every century. The same aspects of Uranus and Pluto will be present in the natal charts of people of the same generation. The interaction of the planets will describe not so much the features of one particular personality, but the general features and contribution to the development of society of a group of people born in the same time period (equal to several years).

Uranus and Pluto are planets of progress, social transformation and transformation. Their combined influence marks a period of important research and experimentation, as well as an era of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in many areas of knowledge.

The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto is a tense aspect, so it can provoke events of a wide scale, difficult to control. Since Pluto is associated with power and control over the masses, and Uranus with revolutions, riots and sudden events, during their joint influence, unrest and unrest can reign in society. The people in such a period feel dissatisfaction with the existing regime, and there will certainly be such elements in society that will look for opportunities to seize power in order to carry out social and state reforms.

Characteristics of the aspect, its influence on people and their contribution to the development of society

People who have a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in their horoscopes are always looking into the future and joyfully welcome any changes. They are distinguished by broad outlook, courage, courage and resilience. Such a person is not afraid of the atmosphere of instability and the feeling that everything around him is changing. He believes that for the sake of a wonderful future in which democracy, justice and equality reign, you can go to any hardships. It is worth fighting to ensure that future generations are happy and live in a more perfect and humane world.

The goal of such people will be not only important social transformations, but also the expansion of public consciousness, the elimination of prejudices and illiteracy. If this aspect is related to the financial houses of the horoscope and to the houses responsible for work and career, then the native can manifest itself in any mass activities. The owners of the aspect know how to draw the attention of the crowd to any business, ignite people with ideas and direct their efforts to solving an acute social issue.

People with this aspect can become successful researchers and scientists. They will make a significant contribution to space exploration and the development of modern technologies.

The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the signs of the zodiac

In the period from 1963 to 1968, there was a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the sign of Virgo. People born during this period have not only powerful intellectual potential, but also excellent rationalization and organizational skills. The owners of the aspect are smart and at the same time practical, and therefore it is their ideas that most often become reality.

Aspect interactions with the Sun or Moon

This connection leaves a particularly strong imprint on the character of a native if it is associated with the Sun or Moon in his horoscope. If the aspects with the luminaries are harmonious, then the subject is distinguished by friendliness, humanity, knows how to find a common language with people and motivate them for high achievements.

If aspect interactions with the Sun or Moon are intense, then unforeseen circumstances and crises often occur in the life of such a person. The native repeatedly abandons what he has begun and radically changes the direction of his activity. To be successful, you need to learn to be more tolerant, diplomatic, and flexible with those around you.

Lilia Garipova


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