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Sun without aspects

The planet that has neither major nor minor aspects, relatively speaking, is imprisoned in a mine (planet without aspects). This creates problems for its owners, since there is a strong desire to realize the potential of the planet, but it turns on only in the spheres of the house where it stands, and even without aspects it does not have support from other people and related events. It becomes a little easier during transits, so people with such a planet move towards the goal in jerks.

Sun is the main planet of the horoscope, the core of the native’s personality. Without its inclusion, people remain in the infantile position of a spoiled child interested only in their own desires. In practice, Sun without aspects is very rare and involves the most complex karma of the kind, which is extremely difficult to elaborate, because egoism and narcissism are embedded in the genes. Fame and high status become the drug of the owners of the horoscope, and they often face old age alone.

The positive influence of Sun without aspects

Many people often think that their luminary has no aspects, but before drawing such a conclusion, they need to double-check the orbis. Sometimes astrological programs are wrong, and such individuals do not notice the supposed aspects, but they are there.

If, nevertheless, Sun has no aspects in the natal chart, its owners should not be upset. It is important to remember that with a strong desire to be realized in the spheres of the solar house, they can do it faster than with squares or oppositions, since there are absolutely no obstacles. They themselves are the blacksmiths of their own happiness, although they understand it very subjectively.

The planet without aspects encourages them to narrow their aspirations to only one niche, to the detriment of other areas, because there is no connection with other areas. But on the other hand, they can become rare specialists and unique individuals. It is no coincidence that it is solar miners who become the stars of the generation like Brad Pitt and Freddie Mercury.

By the position of  Sun without aspects, one can often guess the profession, since people strive to assert themselves and shine precisely in the sphere of their location. If it is strong, then success will come easily and naturally, if not, then this is a blind spot of the horoscope, a hidden potential that must be consciously revealed and realized through resistance.

A strong Sun without aspects manifests itself in high self-esteem, confidence, the state of a free child or a winner, when every day is a reason to celebrate.

The negative influence of  Sun without aspects

People have no connection with feelings (Venus), reason (Mercury), the ability to act (Mars) and so on, they are fixated on their ego, self-praise, the desire to dominate, but do nothing to really consolidate leadership. This is typical for a weak Sun in Libra, Pisces, Aquarius, when the connection with the collective unconscious is great and they take the fashion trends and trends of society for their true desires.

In addition, at a low level of development, people with such a position of Sun from childhood show greed, vanity, being absolutely indifferent to the feelings and condition of other people. Such a man will demand a hot dinner, massage and special attention, even if his wife is lying with a high temperature, as the boss ignores the problems of his subordinates, and the woman harasses her husband with demands for large earnings, devaluing his efforts.

However, this is not a simple detriment. Sun without aspects do not know how to harmoniously contact with other people, moreover, it cannot get rid of the feeling of inner loneliness, and requiring increased attention, it is literally imbued with a sense of its own importance. Another thing is that this hunger can rarely be fully satisfied.

Sun without aspects and relationships

The personal life of the native almost always involves karmic relationships with both parents and subsequent partners. Sun without aspects is very much hooked on the synastry (compatibility horoscope), because there it finally enters into aspects with the card of another person, due to which it gains additional motivation or emotional support.

True, such individuals rarely realize this, especially if the Sun is strong. They manipulate their partners as they want, using them as an energy donor. With a weak position, on the contrary, painful dependence arises and it is impossible to break such a connection. Moreover, the owners of the horoscope themselves understand that something strange is happening, they do not like how the partner behave, who either suppress them or do not meet some requirements, but they cannot break with them either, because they feel a terrible, soul-crushing loneliness.

In addition, Sun symbolizes the father, and most likely, for the native, he was a psychological narcissist, busy with his own affairs, and the person did not receive support and support from him. A man with this position also often becomes an overbearing parent.

How to elaborate Sun without aspects

The main problem is the weak position of Sun, when its owners take other people’s desires, goals and inspirations as their own. Such individuals adapt to other people, considering it their duty to fulfill their requirements. First of all, they focus on their fathers, and  women later also on their husbands, losing themselves and their uniqueness.

Therefore, the main goal of people with Sun without aspects is to understand their uniqueness, temperament, desires, goals. They can not look for answers outside, they need to feel them inside themselves, especially in the sphere of the house where Sun stands. However, selfishness should not dominate common sense either, because any extreme leads to destruction.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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