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Sun in the 10th house of the relocation chart

Whether people move for irresistible reasons or are eager for a new life themselves, they dream that everything will be better than before. The relocation horoscope allows them to consider in advance in what place the earths of the planet will be in a more advantageous position, which will certainly not cancel the events prescribed in the natal chart, but will facilitate the implementation of plans and the disclosure of one’s potential, especially when it comes to the Sun – the main driving force and energy of the horoscope. If it is not manifested, it is impossible to talk about success, even if a person is more talented than many.

The transition of the daylight into the 10th house is a very strong bid for a brilliant career and a high position in the place of relocation. However, do not forget that the symbolic ruler of this sector is Saturn, and therefore it will not be possible to easily climb to the top of Olympus, which not everyone likes. It is logical that the owners of the Sun and the Ascendant in earth signs achieve more success, while others will have to change priorities.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 10th house of the relocation chart

The tops of the houses move clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the direction of the move chosen by the native. Traditionally, moving west is considered the best choice, the native gains strength and energy, even looks younger, while going east promotes more peaceful changes in life.

If a person does not move too far within his or her country, then most often the Sun can move into the 10th house from the neighboring 9th or 11th, depending on the direction.

In the first case, there will not be any special changes, because even the theme of the horoscope is based on the progressive development from the 9th house of education and development to the 10th, which is responsible for career growth, compliance with purpose and honors for merit. However, it is worth noting that the 9th house also symbolizes fame, but it is akin to personal popularity when a person is loved for charisma, charm, knowledge. And if such individuals are used to this, they will have to rebuild on the go, since the Sun in the 10th house, although it receives a powerful resource for the self-manifestation of its ward, no one will give anything for beautiful eyes. They will need to prove their professionalism in practice.

The transition of the Sun to the 10th house will be the best option for young people who have graduated from high school and are starting a career in a company. In this case, they will show themselves in all their splendor.

At the same time, a housewife who does not plan to go to work at all will have a hard time. The position of the luminary gives the energy of the leader, and it requires practical implementation. In this case, instead of a cheerful woman who is passionate about self-development and hobbies, the family will have a commander in a skirt who will build all the household.

The transition of the Sun from the 11th house to the 10th involves connecting to a powerful collective energy. Here it is no longer possible to be an individual leader, such horoscope holders need to assemble a team and translate a common dream into reality. Only then can success be achieved. At the same time, they get the opportunity to fulfill their most cherished desires through planned actions.

Sun in the 10th house of the relocation chart and career

For brilliant professional growth and recognition of others, the native will have to learn authority and impersonality. This means that such individuals can not be biased both towards their employees and superiors. Unnecessarily emotional involvement in matters related to a career is also unacceptable. As soon as they begin to worry about whether they are good enough for this position, and whether they are worthy of someone else’s admiration, whether they deserve their laurels, obstacles and difficulties immediately arise, especially if the Sun already has tense aspects.

An interesting point, if before the relocation people worked for hire, now they need to go to leadership positions, because the need to work for someone and not be responsible for anything will oppress their Sun, irritation, outbursts of anger, envy of more successful employees will begin, received a higher position.

Sun in the 10th house of the relocation chart and glory

It should be understood that this position makes public everything that is within the competence of the Sun. If it passes from the 12th house, then secret enemies are also activated, if from the 11th, then dreams hidden in the depths of the subconscious, from the 8th – fears and dangers.

However, most often the luminary moves into the 10th house from the 9th, and all the knowledge that people have received earlier, they can demonstrate in all its splendor. This is a very good position for creative people, because their work will be widely known, but recognition will depend on the quality of their work.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 10th house of the relocation chart

With such a position of the Sun, quadratures are not a hindrance. On the contrary, they awaken a healthy passion and desire to prove their abilities to the world at all costs.

Oppositions are more dangerous, as they give rise to self-doubt and an impostor complex, which must be elaborated with a psychologist. What will definitely interfere with the fulfillment of its destiny in the 10th house is the weak or affected Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon.

At a low level of development, there is a danger of becoming a soulless careerist, heading towards the goal over their heads. Such people often use all means to pave their way to success, but they overlook the fact that if they find their destiny according to the MC in the natal chart, circumstances themselves will develop in the most beneficial way for them.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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