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Sun in the 10th (tenth) house

The sun in the tenth house will tell about the ambitious aspirations and great ambitions of the native. This is one of the most successful positions of this luminary. Such owners of the horoscope easily reach the heights in their careers and good social status. Initially, they feel themselves head and shoulder above everyone else. These individuals know how to show their talents and dignity to others, effectively perform in front of the public and win the favor of their superiors.

Such people are entrusted with important matters and responsible projects. They are  born leaders, know how to lead people and bring things started to the end. Their activities bring them fame, honor, authority, awards and material incentives.

The secret of the their success lies in the fact that they accurately determine the type of their future activities. People often wander in search of their mission and vocation, but if the Sun is in the 10th house of the horoscope, its owners, as a rule, from an early age choose the path they need in life and successfully move along it.

The activities of such natives can be related to management, education, teaching, creativity, finance. This can be work in government structures, representative or educational activities.

Tense aspects to the Sun will make the ascention path of the subjects difficult, but the difficulties will only provoke them. If this is the influence of the planets Mars, Saturn, Pluto or Jupiter, then such people are fighting for their place under the sun. These people believe that the end justifies any means, and sometimes go over their heads to it.

Sun in various signs of the zodiac

The signs of the zodiac, in which the Sun is located in the 10th house, will tell about how such individuals go to their success and what field of activity they choose.

If the luminary is in fire signs, then the subjects have pronounced managerial abilities. They can be successful and promising top managers, or even hold a government post. Since such people love publicity, openness and educational activities, they often become successful leading creative events, prominent figures in culture, science, sports and art.

If the Sun is in earth signs, then such individuals achieve success in the exact sciences, construction, property and financial sphere. Water signs will indicate work in education, linguistics, psychology, and the arts.

Holders of the Sun in air signs will choose some kind of intellectual profession. In their activities there will be a lot of communication, new contacts, communications, trips.

Sun in 10th house in a man’s birth chart

If the Sun is located in the 10th house, then the owner of the horoscope is distinguished by high ambitions, the desire to command and take a winning position in life. He owes his desires and goals to the figure of his father, which is symbolized by the Sun in the horoscope. The mother also plays an important role in the fate of a man, since her personality is described by the 10th house of the horoscope.

The father could hold a high post, be respected and popular, and such a high bar became an incentive to achieve career heights for the owner of the horoscope. Parents could be not only an example to follow, but also patrons, opening a wide road for their son in life.

Sun in the 10th house in a woman’s birth chart

This position of the Sun in the female natal chart indicates a happy marriage, especially if the Sun is strong in quality and has harmonious aspects with other planets. A woman gives preference to serious, responsible, self-confident and socially realized representatives of the stronger sex.

The spouse of the owner of the horoscope can hold a high position, be famous and successful in activity. Sometimes he greatly surpasses his wife in age.

Lilia Garipova


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