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Sun in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

The relocation horoscope is based on the new geographical coordinates of the place of residence, but taking into account the time of birth, according to Greenwich Mean Time. The planets remain in the same signs, but at the same time, the cusps of houses can significantly shift, and accordingly, all important points will not be where they were before, and this will affect the eventual outline of life: a person seems to be moving to a parallel line of the script, and also to emotional responses to certain incidents. The mindset and goals are changing. The sun enters the 2nd house, and the theme of money, physical and psychological resources, health, including comes to the fore. If the position of the luminary is strong, people should expect positive changes, and if the position is weak, on the contrary, financial crises and a breakdown occur.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 2nd house of the relocation chart

When moving to the west, the house cusps move counterclockwise. This is considered a more desirable change in life, giving ease of decision-making and a certain youthful enthusiasm when immersed in adventure and exploration of a new reality.

If a person goes to the east, the houses move clockwise. Thus, the Sun moves into the 2nd sector of the horoscope from the 1st or 3rd, which also leaves its mark on the character and demeanor.

Do not forget that the move will in no way change the potential inherent in Natal, but it will highlight it according to the accents of the new home. For example, a bright and independent native with the Sun in the 1st house in natal suddenly becomes more responsible and down to earth, realizing the need to get the own business or vice versa – a reliable job for hire in a new place. If earlier a person was selfish and just fluttered through life, now such individual wants to take root, earn money for the future, replenish energy resources.

In the case when the Sun has moved into the 2nd from the 3rd house, the circle of communication narrows. There is simply not enough time for the usual phone conversations, hanging out in social networks, since the main goal is work and the environment associated with it: a team where a person nevertheless also makes useful connections, communicates, and does not remain alone, just the emphasis will be on the people with whom he/she works. Trips from entertainment also become work.

Sun in the 2nd house of the relocation chart and money

Symbolically, the presence of a daylight in the 2nd sector attracts that which expands the needs of the human body and satisfies them. The easiest way to denote this state of money.

Indeed, when people moving to another location, there are many opportunities for earning money. However, new material desires also appear: to buy, give, spend, invest and increase. Such individuals are interested in investments at a high level of awareness, and at a low level – only shopping.

It is from the will of people and the element of the sign in which the Sun stands that it depends whether they will spend everything on personal pleasures as representatives of air and fire, or whether they will save up for the future and large purchases, like the owners of the luminary in the signs of water and earth.

It is also important to look at the planet in conjunction with the Sun. If in the 1st house it influenced the way of self-expression, then in the 2nd house it will show the way of earning and revealing oneself as a specialist.

For example, Mercury in the first case bestows eloquence and the ability to find a common language with any person, ease of learning and acting talent, and in the second, all this will become practical skills for making money. The owners of such horoscope familiar with astrology understand that they will be able to earn a lot in the field of education, psychology, sales, marketing and show business in a new place of residence. If Mercury is in burning, it is better to focus on the aspects of the Sun with the angles of the houses responsible for the career: 6th, 10th, 11th, or look at which house the Sun rules, there will also be talents that help increase earnings.

They should not wait for an instant cash rain, because the relocation chart does not work immediately. The first shifts towards the energies of the 2nd house appear approximately 2-3 months after the move.

Sun in the 2nd house of the relocation chart and health

Our resources are primarily energy. If the body is healthy, then it will be easy to attract money. Most often, the transition of the Sun to the 2nd house contributes to an increase in vitality, a person recovers quickly, gets sick less often, there is a desire to go in for sports or energy practices in order to consolidate the effect.

However, with a negative aspect, on the contrary, a decline in strength is possible and one will have to overcome oneself in order to gain access to the desired resources. Chronic ailments may surface that require treatment, especially if Saturn and Mars are in the 2nd house together with the Sun, or it is in squares and oppositions with them.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, a worldview of the individuals with such horosocope shifts from a leadership position to a consumer one. If earlier they still tried to somehow prove themselves, participate in something, organize something interesting, now they prefer to be performers, shift responsibility to the employers and be active only in a narrow niche that brings them money, and nothing more.

The egoism of the consumer wakes up in the native: only what brings personal benefit and material pleasure is interesting: visit a restaurant, buy beautiful clothes, items for the home. It happens that a person becomes stingy, especially if the Sun is in Virgo or Capricorn, and Saturn is standing nearby.

On the highest level of the sign, people invest, on the lower one they stuff a stocking for a rainy day and do not allow themselves to enjoy life, symbolically extinguish their Sun.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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