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Trigon Sun – Lilith: always shine, shine everywhere

The Black Moon (Lilith) distorts the lunar nature of feelings, encourages one to look for new experiences that are not in a person’s life piggy bank, but they were in the baggage of his past incarnations, as well as in the experience of his ancestors. The sun is our true essence, the core of personality, unchanging and purposeful. This core can be hidden under a heap of fears and complexes, but if it is cleared, it, like a compass needle, indicates the qualities of character that lead to success.

Trine with Lilith helps to pull him out and follow the path of an extroverted active leader. The trigger here can be envy, the desire to catch up and surpass your role models, confidence: “I can do the same and even better,” and the temptation of fame, money, self-realization, in which you can be the first.

The strength and problems of the trine Sun – Lilith

It is generally accepted that the trine is a favorable aspect, but not everything is so simple when the Black Moon comes into play. The energy of the trine makes it easy to realize desires, a person is presented with everything on a silver platter, you just have to want. Considering the solar influence, the native is indeed a born star. If he is still lucky to be the owner of strong Mars and Venus, then this person knows what he wants and is steadily moving towards the goal. POSITIVE traits of trine Sun – Lilith:

  • unshakable confidence that he was born for a better life and the desire to create it;
  • radiating sunshine through the aura, animal attraction to the opposite sex;
  • optimism, carelessness, understanding that everything will work itself out in the right perspective;
  • excellent immunity, survival in the most difficult conditions;
  • strong creativity, desire to be a leader.

Outwardly, a person gives the impression of self-confidence and courage, but few people know that a deep desire to assert himself at any cost pushes him to brave deeds related to self-promotion and personal growth. And it comes from the lack of internal support. Showing his ego, declaring the right to a better life, to a stellar future, the native seeks to gain confidence, accept and love himself. This experience was not in his family piggy bank.

The ancestors of the owner of the trine Lilith – the Sun could be brilliant, bright, creative personalities, famous or simply talented, but they did not know how to accept themselves completely, they tried to prove to someone, most often their father, their worth and competence.

This worked out on the external level, but the fear of rejection and self-doubt remained. It’s just that because of the positive energy of the trine, they have become a trigger that pushes forward rather than pulls back.

Men and women with the trine Lilith – the Sun do not know the sense of proportion in drawing attention to their person. They are ready to do anything, even provocations, shocking actions, violations of decorum, so that only they are talked about. However, more often than not, their courage is admired, not condemned.

The problem of the trine Lilith – the Sun is that a person does not resist the temptation of vanity and goes to any actions, justifying himself, which, of course, is typical only for a low level of development.

Trine Sun – Lilith and relationships

Despite the favorable energy of the aspect, it does not guarantee constant ease in love. Such a person needs constant attention from the opposite sex. If it is, the native blossoms, shines, full of strength and energy to act.

This is especially felt if in the map the lunar nodes are located on the axis of 1-7 houses or the Sun is in one of them. In the case when a person is lonely, suppresses his sexuality and creativity, uncertainty overwhelms his head, and there is no manifestation in full force.

Women with the trine Sun – Lilith are in dire need of the support of their father and the admiration of their husband. If the latter ignores this need, they gain emotions through the provocation of jealousy or betrayal on the side.

A similar situation develops in the life of a man with the trine Sun – Lilith. He needs unconditional acceptance of his actions and delight from his wife, otherwise he can also go to the left, asserting himself. Such men like to take care of themselves, dress beautifully, lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is good for representatives of both sexes to engage in public activities that involve new acquaintances and communication with a large number of people, because loneliness is fatal for them.

How to work trine Sun – Lilith

It is very important for a native to accept his uniqueness. That is the key to success. The fact is that his talents and ways of expressing them are very different from the generally accepted standards, and it takes a certain courage to declare himself the way you want. But if a person nevertheless decides, rejecting fears and insecurities, then success comes easily and there is a dependence on pleasure at the sight of surprised faces around and even the shock of the public.

At this stage, it is important not to go too far and maintain a sense of proportion so as not to cross the line of decency. Lilith should give only a taste of the forbidden fruit, be a peppercorn, and not a burning lava that sweeps away everything in its path. That is why a trine with the Sun cannot be called easy, but nevertheless, it gives acquaintances with the right people, bright charisma, creative talents, the ability to attract attention, the main thing is to overcome infantilism and insecurity, develop a sense of taste and proportion and approve oneself from within.

The best talisman to turn on the trine Sun – Lilith – heliodor .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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