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Ruler of the 1st house in the 12th house is in captivity of addictions

This is one of the most difficult positions for a native. It requires a careful analysis of the signs and planets and appropriate study throughout life. No matter how hard astrologers try to rehabilitate the 12th house, it remains a place of secret fears, generic negative scenarios, internal and external restrictions and obstacles.

If the ruler of the first house, which is responsible for appearance, character, self-realization in society, falls into this whirlpool, it is very difficult for the native to make his dreams come true.

Self-doubt, suspiciousness and worries, the need to overcome various obstacles and the machinations of secret spiteful critics accompany him through life. However, the most important secret is that the first enemy of the native is himself, not least because of the fine mental organization, sensitivity and ability to capture the energies of other worlds.

Influence of the ruler of the Ascendant in the 12th house

According to the Ascendant, one can determine not only character traits and the way they manifest themselves in society, but also appearance. This is not about the color of the eyes and hair, which are more dependent on genetics, but about the manner of presenting oneself, choosing the image and style of clothing, so that others see and perceive it from this angle.

The position of the Ruler in the 12th house, the realm of Neptune, which distorts an adequate perception of the world, imposes a tangible impact on the native’s idea of himself:

  • many complexes and confidence in personal unattractiveness, even with a good figure and charming appearance. A person strives to hide in baggy clothes, smoothly combs and twists a chic mane of hair, wears half-face sunglasses. Girls refuse cosmetics, they can deliberately dress in second-hand, just not to attract attention.

Aversion to a particular color, and most often to one that favorably emphasizes the shade of the eyes or the whole appearance as a whole. Can only wear black or grey.

Self-destruction through early addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, sex, suffering from unrequited love, bad company.

The constant desire to get tattoos as a combination of symbolic protection on a subtle plane and resolved pain.

If you look deeper, it becomes clear that a person chooses the lifestyle and style of clothing that ultimately bring him spiritual comfort. Only his idea of harmony is distorted. For the native, this means hiding and not straining. Hence the shapeless hoodies and the confidence that there is no need to emphasize an already unattractive appearance, although in fact everyone tells him how handsome he is. Especially often this is how Venus manifests itself in the 12th sector.

General influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 12th house

The whole life of the native is connected with secrets, sometimes completely unfounded, but sometimes these secrets are really connected with danger. The 12th house is also a family secret. Any planet with negative aspects here shows an area where the ancestors have sinned greatly, and without elaboration, this problem will only get worse.

Especially clearly hint at this Saturn and Mars. The first, depending on the sign and the number of tense aspects, shows health problems, psyche and even crimes against the family in the past, the second – for the presence of crime.

Mars as the ruler of the 12th house leads to an early awakening of sexuality and various non-standard experiments in this area, but the main problem is the inability to control internal aggression. A person cannot fight back during an attack: give back, besiege the enemy with a sharp word. He wears the mask of the soul of society, and the stream of repressed conflicts is directed at his own psyche. This leads to self-destruction.

Depending on the level of awareness, the ward of the ruler of the 1st house in the 12th will manifest itself in 2 perspectives:

  • positive – development and self-affirmation through the study of the secret and the unknown: esotericism, psychology, history, rodology.
  • negative – defeat in a fight with enemies, fighting windmills, restriction of freedom, violence, drunkenness.

If the ruler of the 1st house in the 12th is in the monastery, then the native does not give up: he fights with his complexes, learns to resist enemies and circumstances. The planet in exile and fall was less fortunate. The original beliefs of the owner of the horoscope in their own weakness and worthlessness can be pulled out and worked out by an experienced astrologer and psychologist.

How to increase the positive influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 12th house

Secrets should be the strength of the native. Studying the esoteric side of psychology, astrology, medicine and the subconscious in general, one should help not only oneself, but also others. Any ruling planet can be worked out if you go to its highest floor and turn on the creative side. Even Saturn has it, for example, the organization of art festivals, psychological and astrological forums, architecture and sculpture classes, not to mention the Moon and Venus.

You can get rid of internal fears and complexes with a psychologist, and relieve physical stress through regular sports, which are shown not only to the wards of Mars, but to everyone. Just the type of occupation depends on the planet. If it is Mercury and Venus, then it is better to choose a light load and artistic direction.

It is very important for a native to be alone with himself from time to time, not only for meditations, retreats and prayer practices, but also just to go shopping alone or spend a vacation on the shore by the water. It will energize.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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