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Rulers of houses in the natal chart – the keys to life events

Without knowledge of the meanings and strength of the rulers of the houses of the horoscope, it is simply impossible to analyze it. They are real, when the planet or their tandem (in the case of double influence) is responsible for a specific zodiac sign, where the house cusp is located (the degree of the beginning house), and symbolic, associated with house numbers, for example, the first of them is considered originally the possession of Aries, and hence the symbolic patron will be Mars, even if the native has Libra in this sector.

The course of life events largely depends on the positions of the rulers of the houses, and hence the compensator for correcting the weak position of the planet, when, for example, the ruler of the 1st house in the 6th, or a woman likes a certain type of man, but she marries an unsuitable partner, from – due to the influence of the affected ruler of the 7th house. Even if there are no personal planets in the sectors of the horoscope, the main course of events can be read from the rulers, especially when real and symbolic come into play through transit aspects.

Influence of real and symbolic rulers of houses

Each of the 12 houses of the horoscope begins in a certain sign, and just there the cusp (top) of a particular sector is located. The owner of the sign of the zodiac, where he falls, is a real significator, but we must not forget that the symbolic rulers are always the same for all cosmograms: the 1st house has Mars, the 2nd has Venus, the 3rd has Mercury. Therefore, when analyzing a map, two horoscopes with the owners of the sign and the house are always taken into account:

  • symbolic, where house numbers coincide with the numbering of signs and are divided into sectors equal to 30 degrees;
  • real, where the location of houses is related to the time and city of birth of the native, and some of them can take 2-3 characters. For example, the Ascendant is in Cancer, and the Moon will be the ruler of the entire horoscope, but 1 house also captures Leo and part of Virgo, which means that the Sun and Mercury must also be taken into account.

By the properties of the ruling planet, it is easy to determine how the events of its house will proceed. It gives opportunities and abilities to solve problems, and if burdened with negative aspects, it creates obstacles.

For example, Mars always brings irrepressible activity to the affairs of the house, here a person strives to make as much effort as possible and achieve the best result. If it is the 10th house, then career will be in 1st place. Jupiter creates a desire to expand the sphere of influence, and being in the 4th house, it encourages you to buy real estate and even land, create a large family.

The Significance of Real and Symbolic Rulers

It is very important to know the peculiarities of the influence of the rulers of houses. Some characters have two. The co-ruler is secondary, but he also creates events and the mood of the native, especially if it is a higher planet. Sometimes one house can include two or more signs, in this case the ruler of the cusp or the sign that occupies a large extent is more important. If the host planets are united by a positive aspect, this accelerates the achievement of success and the achievement of goals in their area of influence.

It happens that two houses are covered by one sign, and then the common significator blurs the boundaries, uniting their themes.

You can determine the significators of houses and signs according to the table below.

Table: rulers of houses:

HOUSE Sign steward co-ruler Symbolism of the house
1 Aries Mars Pluto Personality and appearance of the native, qualities of character
2 Taurus Venus Chiron Sources of income, self-esteem, earning ability, eating habits
3 Gemini Mercury Proserpina Speech, communication, relationships with siblings
4 Cancer Moon Real estate, home, family, early life and old age
5 Leo Sun Children, love, creativity
6 Virgo Mercury Working conditions, health, illness, colleagues
7 Libra Venus Business partnership and marriage
8 Scorpio Pluto Mars Management of other people’s resources, death, sexual relations, esotericism
9 Sagittarius Jupiter Neptune Education, international travel, diplomacy, religion
10 Capricorn Saturn Uranus Career, reputation, mission, fame
11 Aquarius Uranus Saturn Friends, social societies, team, bosses
12 Pisces Neptune Jupiter Fate, karma, secrets, enemies, isolation, mysticism

How planets work in houses

Significators of houses clearly show the potential of the native to solve problems in a particular area, and in order to succeed, one must uncover the principle of the planet and enter its highest floor.

It is easier if she is in exaltation or a mansion, and much more difficult when she is in a fall or is afflicted with aspects. When analyzing a horoscope, the planets are considered from several angles:

  • symbolic signifiers of houses: a theory where Aries is the 1st house and its ruler Mars, Taurus is the 2nd house under the influence of Venus, etc. They show how to solve problems in the areas of activity that they manage. These are internal desires and social roles.

Real rulers: are determined by the sign on the cusp of the house, as a rule, they do not coincide with the symbolic significators, but they show things of paramount importance: in what conditions does the native stay, regardless of internal desires, and what will his activity eventually lead to. Based on this, you can choose a compensator to achieve better results.

The owner of the house as a specific person: the Moon, most often, a mother or wife, Venus is a lover or girlfriend, Mars is a young brutal man, Saturn is power, officials, state structures.

The planet as a characteristic event: the Moon is home and family, Pluto is a crisis, operations, inevitable changes, Venus is love, gifts and money, Neptune is alcohol, poisoning, accidents on the water, art.

It is also important to consider the planets in the houses themselves. These are additional energies that will help in achieving success. Mars brings determination, courage, leadership, Venus – acting talent, seductiveness and courtesy, the Moon – experiences, sensitivity, sacrifice.

To determine events, first of all, the strength of the planet of the ruler of the house is taken into account. For example, the significator of the 2nd house shows where the money will come from as a stable income for bread and butter. If it is in the 3rd sector, it will be intellectual activity or trade: teaching, travel, business trips, active communication, in the 4th – work as a realtor, family business, in the 5th – money through creativity, children, love relationships. The strength of the ruler will make it clear whether success will come easily or whether it will be necessary to overcome obstacles, develop oneself, work through stressful aspects in order to finally get what is given by fate.

A powerful patron of the 2nd house will provide a stable income in case of any problems, and in the 7th house it will give a reliable faithful spouse, in the 10th – career success. If he is weak, the person will have to act independently.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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