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Jupiter in the 11th house of the relocation chart

Sometimes a move brings dramatic changes in a person’s life. How can you foresee in advance what exactly will change, and what you can ignore at all, what you will be lucky in, and what you can immediately use for the benefit of your dreams and not wait for the weather by the sea? In the relocation chart, the cusps of houses are shifting, which means that the planets will find themselves in completely unusual conditions for themselves, creating new circumstances in the life of the native, sometimes for good, but sometimes for harm.

Jupiter in the 11th house of the relocation map expands the circle of contacts, which includes like-minded people, representatives of those organizations that are of interest to the native, colleagues, colleagues, friends, mentors. Under their influence, the number of plans, desires, intentions of a person multiplies, he grows spiritually or dissolves in the interests of others, depending on the strength of the planet.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 11th house of the relocation chart

The planet of great happiness expands all the topics of the house in which it finds itself. In this case, its sign and degree do not change. The psychological reactions of a person remain the same, only they have to act in different circumstances.

Nevertheless, the natal chart still remains the main one, which means that the native’s usual luck and expansion of perspectives is preserved, but nevertheless it is also realized in the 11th house of the relocation chart.

Who is suitable for such a location of Jupiter? After all, if a person does not want to conduct public activities, he can choose another city with a more suitable position of the planet.

The 11th house is symbolically under the influence of Aquarius. He is responsible for wide popularity, public relations, dreams and plans, astrology and future technologies.

There is a universal formula for success for the owner of Jupiter in the 11th house – to find a large organization whose goals and aspirations are in tune with him, and on this energy, combined with Jupiterian luck, he will be able to quickly gain popularity and a place in the sun. This is the path of an ally, not a loner.

Most often, Jupiter moves into the 11th sector of relocation from the nearest 9th, 10th, 12th and 1st.

For the owner of a natal planet in the 9th house, the transition to the 11th is perceived very comfortably. Finally, he will be able to realize his dreams, knowledge and practical experience. This will happen easily, even in a remote village, where he will educate the population if there are no other options, but it is still better to work in a large corporation, or at least join an environmental protection society, if it is consonant with him.

The transition of Jupiter from the 10th house in natal also promises a brilliant career in a large organization. If the native moves to a small town, then this will be the starting point for further changes, because global dreams will not allow you to live in peace, or the person will torment the household with imperious instructions.

Movement from the 12th house is great for artists, psychologists, doctors, and teachers as they step out of the shadows and boldly showcase their talents to the world.

A little more difficult when Jupiter moves into the 11th house from the 1st. The native will have to learn to be part of the overall system, but not to lose himself. Ideally, these are team leaders who lead entire organizations to success, or wonderful teachers, politicians, and coaches.

Jupiter in the 11th House of Relocation and Dreams

The owner of the card does not immediately feel the influence of Jupiter. However, if the move is made on the cycle of the return of the planet in 12, 24, 36 years, then the changes will be more tangible. They begin with expanding the circle of communication, when people are literally attracted to the native. Everyone likes him, they want to be friends with him, cooperate with him, he is invited to interest clubs, birthdays, parties, festivals.

Sometimes a person is not ready for such an abundance of attention psychologically or simply feels that he does not meet the set bar. This is where a burning desire arises to get additional education, to complete courses for acquiring a new profession or improving the style of clothing, oratory skills.

One dream gives rise to another and I want to learn and develop again. Of course, in this process, new connections, friends, and thus, the native moves upwards with the support of Jupiter.

A person also develops an interest in ideology. It is during this period that he can join a party, a social organization, various societies and feel a sense of his own significance for a common cause, through which success comes.

Only an active social position is able to push the native to the very top of like-minded people, but if Jupiter is not too strong, then it is quite comfortable for him to be an ordinary employee.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 11th house of the relocation chart

If the native cannot boast of a developed intellect, then he easily falls into dependence on the general opinion. Getting into a new team, he immediately begins to adapt to the majority, supporting their views and beliefs, even if he himself believes otherwise.

He willingly accepts corporate rules, dress code, is kind to superiors, even if deep down he does not feel sympathy for management and colleagues.

Worst of all, Jupiter does not favor hypocrites. Thus, the attempts of the native to appear to those around him are most often obvious, not who he is, and there is no sense in his game.

If Jupiter has negative aspects, a person makes unrealistic plans and is often disappointed in them when he fails to create what he dreams of. In these situations, Mercury and Saturn will help. Through their strengthening, one can approach the weak Jupiter from the practical side and calculate the plans in detail and step by step, without projecting.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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