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Jupiter in the 8th house of the relocation chart

When moving to a new place of residence, many people first of all look at the position of Jupiter in the relocation chart as a significator of happiness and good luck. On the one hand, this is fair, because it brings empowerment to a new area, and you need to understand how important it is for a particular person. On the other hand, like a magnifying glass, it expands all the topics of this sector, including negative ones.

How to understand whether it will be useful in such a complex and ambiguous 8th house of transformation, crises and big money? There are a lot of subtle nuances here and it all depends on the strength of Jupiter and its aspects. It attracts big money, magical opportunities for gaining fabulous wealth, popularity, celebrity patronage, but at the same time creates dangerous situations when the native can suffer from all this or become a victim of custom-made witchcraft.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 8th house of the relocation chart

The eighth house always causes alarm in the owner of the card. The planet that moves there will activate this sphere in any way, which means that sooner or later there will be opportunities to increase your capital or manage the financial flows of wealthier people. But the owner of the card always thinks about the danger that lies behind the future wealth, because the 8th house is also associated with crises and death.

However, for a complete picture, it is necessary to study the state of this sector in the natal chart, as well as the connections between the rulers, whether there is money among the indications as the cause of fatal events.

In a normal situation, Jupiter gives you the opportunity to get rich. Which path the native takes, legal or otherwise, depends on him, but it must be remembered that the planet of happiness is closely associated with justice and encourages those who act nobly. Additional meanings also depend on the house where Jupiter is located in natal. Most often, it moves into the 8th house from the nearest 6, 7 and 9, 10.

In the first case, it is worth advising the native to work for very rich people, to be their manager, representative, join as an employee in a huge corporation and make a career there.

When moving from the 7th house of natal to the 8th local, business connections will bring success, and marriage to a rich and famous partner is also likely, who will also be the sponsor of the native. If he himself is well provided for, then Jupiter promises a happy union both personally and in business. With a negative aspect, however, it is the partner that can be the source of problems.

Jupiter goes from the 9th house to the 8th most often when moving internationally, or some foreigner will move to the native. This is a very good position when working in the financial, legal and educational fields, as it promises honors and prosperity from intellectual achievements.

The transition of Jupiter from the 10th house to the 8th gives the prospect of becoming the boss yourself, or being the right hand of the leader, and most importantly, gaining access to financial flows on a global scale. In any case, success will come only in positions above the average. However, with negative aspects, it is the boss who will cause crises and strong emotional experiences.

Jupiter in the 8th house relocation charts and ways to get rich

The eighth house, like the seventh house, suggests partnership. You can succeed here alone, but it will take a long time. However, if in the case of the 7th sector, mutually beneficial cooperation brings success, in the 8th sector, the native is enriched at the expense of others. Therefore, most often in the female chart Jupiter in the 8th house of relocation suggests marriage with a wealthy businessman, and in the male it is expected that some skills will help him join certain circles to which he can be useful. However, there is another option – inheritance. However, it is also likely in the case of marriage, or when there are indications of it in the natal chart itself.

Most often, for the effective use of Jupiterian energy, it is still worth not waiting for manna from heaven, but acting independently:

  • create a joint business with a reliable partner of the Jupiter type: generous, noble, legally literate;
  • take a big loan and invest in your dream business;
  • find a sponsor who will also benefit from working with the native;
  • offer their services to famous, elite, fabulously rich people.

However, it should be remembered that it is advisable to take out a loan if Jupiter has a good aspect, otherwise you need to think through and calculate everything very carefully so as not to get into trouble.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 8th house of the relocation chart

Unfortunately, Jupiter increases the anxiety prescribed by the 8th house. A person is haunted by a strong sense of danger, even if there is no real reason for this. Fear appears, and suddenly the decisions made by him will harm, suddenly finances will become the cause of envy and a threat to life. This anxiety is especially vividly manifested in aspects with Mars and Saturn.

The cure for fears of the 8th house is psychotherapy, psychology, including their independent study, as well as esotericism. However, by all means one should avoid black magic, to which the native will be drawn as a way to eliminate competitors and to achieve goals. This is a bad path.

In addition, at a low level of development, a person believes that his desire justifies the means. He often goes over the heads and destroys everything around for the sake of material enrichment. Usually, after moving to another place, when Jupiter moves to other houses, he realizes that he behaved inappropriately.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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