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Jupiter in the 9th house of the relocation chart

There is always a lot of debate around the topic of the moving horoscope. Someone thinks that it does not work and you need to focus on the natal chart , others even build forecasts based on the relocation of the planets. The truth lies in the ability to synthesize the meaning of natal and locale. If Jupiter , the planet of great happiness, moves to the 9th house when a person moves to a new place of residence, this does not negate luck and well-being in the sector where he was at the time of birth, but the implementation of these tasks will go through the 9th.

Jupiter is here in his element, it is easy, comfortable and free for him to dream and implement plans with maximum material benefit. A person gets the feeling that the world favors everything, the doors open, patrons appear, they are suddenly promoted, brilliant prospects arise, for which there were no prerequisites. However, the negative aspects greatly spoil the fairy-tale picture, leading astray.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 9th house of the relocation chart

Theoretically, the planet of great happiness can move into the 9th house from anywhere in the natal chart, because the house cusps move both clockwise and counterclockwise.

When building a moving horoscope, you must enter new geographical data for this city and agree on the time of birth in Greenwich Mean Time.

However, most often Jupiter moves into the 9th house of the relocation chart from the nearest 7, 8, 10, 11, 12. If it turned out that he passed counterclockwise, the changes will happen faster.

The desires and ambitions of youth awaken in a person, he is ready to act immediately and instantly fulfill his intentions in order to see a material result.

In another case, on the contrary, he will begin to calculate all the steps and measure seven times before he decides to cut off.

If Jupiter moves into the 9th house of the relocation chart from the 7th natal, the native will be lucky in partnership and marriage abroad. This is a great sign for those who are already moving to another country. Any cooperation will lead to fame and good earnings. The spouse is also likely to be a famous and accomplished person.

If Jupiter moves from the 8th natal house to the 9th, the native will at least breathe a sigh of relief. He will no longer have to worry much about large amounts of money, jealousy and envy. In a new place, he will be able to profitably invest his accumulated money or get the opportunity to earn money through foreign resources, but it will not be as stressful as at his former place of residence.

The transition of Jupiter from the 10th house to the 9th symbolically throws the native back to student times, to those places and plans that did not have time to be realized then. A person either learns from scratch what is really interesting, or starts his own business, where he is the boss. This is a good position for lawyers, teachers, businessmen.

Movement from the 11th house to the 9th affects the social circle. Most likely, most of it will be foreigners, but it is obvious that in any case they will be educated people with a high level of culture. In the presence of harmonious aspects, the environment will bring happiness and good luck. The transition from the 12th house will help the native to receive a reward for his hitherto invisible work, especially if it is associated with creativity or secret activities.

Jupiter in the 9th house relocation and study charts

If the owner of the card is a student or university teacher, he is very lucky. Jupiter expands its horizons and attracts various honors for its wards. Thus, learning and teaching will be equally easy and interesting.

Most importantly, students with Jupiter in the 9th house of the relocation map are always lucky in exams, and you can also hope for a high scholarship, it is possible that thanks to excellent studies.

Teachers with this position can also count on high wages.

The rest of the people should also think about getting a new education, even if it will be courses on the Internet on interesting topics or advanced training. Any training is a stepping stone to improving your financial position.

Jupiter in 9th house relocation and travel charts

Very often, such a movement of the planet indicates that this place of residence is an intermediate stage, and the process of moving is not completed, especially if at the moment a person is in his own country.

Jupiter in the 9th house always leads to long journeys. The owner of the card may not suspect that soon all his thoughts will be taken up by travel planning, or they will be sent on long business trips for work, in addition, there will be a burning desire to see the world, and opportunities will come after him.

If there is a connection with the 4th house, then the acquisition of real estate may be the reason for the subsequent move.

It is important to remember that Jupiter is not as fast a planet as the Moon and Mercury, and it does not provide instant changes, so it is obvious that buying a house in another country will not always work in the first year of moving, but there are good prospects for this.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 9th house of the relocation chart

With negative aspects, and also if the native himself is not particularly intellectually developed, various competitors, representatives of the judiciary and government agencies often interfere in his grandiose plans, and he also develops an idealization of everything foreign and contempt for his own culture. With certain indicators, a person begins to dream about other countries, it seems to him that he is not appreciated in this city, he has no development paths, and only overseas can you catch a bird of happiness.

Like it or not, you can see by building a relocation map already with the new coordinates of the desired place of relocation, but the negative aspects in any case portend an ornate path for the execution of plans.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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