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Taurus stones

The second zodiac sign is valid from April 21 to May 21. Venus and the Moon play an important role in shaping the personality of Taurus . Depending on the date of birth, Mercury and Saturn exert their influence .

Feelings for Taurus are more important than reflections. They are distinguished by an increased interest in the opposite sex, but at the same time they stand firmly on the ground, are practical. Representatives of the sign tremendously value their home, strive to fill it with beautiful things and comfort. Taurus know how to make money and strive for high social status.

“Bulls” sometimes show stubbornness. At the same time, due to their soft nature, it is difficult for them to resist stronger signs.

Natural minerals will help you gain self-confidence and successfully fulfill your life goals. To direct energy in a favorable direction, astrologers recommend Taurus to have 8 stones for various purposes.
Taurus stones

Universal talismans of Taurus


A magnificent green gem – the personification of wisdom. Since ancient times, it has been considered a powerful talisman against all sorrows and negative influences.

Emerald strengthens memory, dispels melancholy. It stimulates the ability for scientific research and philosophical discovery.

The stone gives the joy of life, strengthens love.

The magical properties of a gem appear only against the background of spiritual purity. If the owner of the emerald is possessed by dark thoughts and evil feelings, the emerald will become his enemy.


An apple or herbaceous mineral is the most valuable type of chalcedony. Its energy will help Taurus overcome inertia, self-doubt, and give the courage necessary for new beginnings and changes.

Chrysoprase has medicinal properties: it strengthens vision, normalizes blood pressure, improves metabolism, and relieves rheumatic pains. Under its influence, the skin becomes firmer and smoother.

The one who wears a bracelet with chrysoprase on his left hand, the stone protects from nervous diseases.


Agate also belongs to chalcedony. This semi-precious stone is a symbol of eloquence. In addition, it bestows material prosperity and a long life on its owner.

Stones agate bright colors – white, blue, gray – enhance the light quality of the person. They are especially beneficial for women’s health and family strengthening.

Black agate is a male amulet. He will save his master from dark forces, give credibility to his words and actions. These properties of the stone will come in handy for moving up the career ladder.


Jewelry with turquoise is a talisman of purposeful natures, persistent in achieving their goals. Mineral helps Taurus in risky situations.

Turquoise is believed to attract money.

The stone symbolizes true love. This is the perfect mascot for girls. But mature women are better off giving it up.

Both blue and green turquoise are in harmony with the inner world of Taurus.


Light green malachite is highly prized for its ability to absorb evil directed at its owner.

It frees a person from resentment and gloomy thoughts. It is beneficial for diseases of the pancreas, cardiac pathologies. Protects against radiation. Stimulates the work of vital glands – pineal gland and pituitary gland.
Taurus stones

The choice of charms for Taurus by date of birth

04.21 – 05.01 (Venus)

Venusian natures are aesthetes. They are characterized by a passion for exquisite things. But under the influence of the Earth, the natural element of the sign, a person can become overly materialistic.

Sapphire , a symbol of exalted qualities, will help fill the lack of spirituality .

02.05 – 11.05 (Mercury)

A feature of Taurus in the second decade is extreme indecision. It creates serious problems. Arabic onyx will help to correct the defect . A striped stone will give firmness to character, teach you to defend your opinion.

Sometimes Taurus of this group are endowed with an overly critical mind. The ability for sincere and pure love to cynical natures will give a quamarine .

12.05 – 21.05 (Saturn)

Seriousness, reaching the point of pessimism, darkens the life of Taurus in the third decade. Blue topaz will bring back the joy of life, help to overcome anxiety and fear.

Selection of stones by color

Minerals of green and blue shades have a beneficial effect. You can add to the list of the above mentioned talismans:


The bluish-green stone Amazonite is able to inspire the elderly to the impulses of youth.

Lazuri t

Lapis Lazuli – Amulet of friendship, success, material security. Has a bright blue, purple or light blue color.

Transparent minerals are also suitable for Taurus:

Colorless diamond

Diamond is a Sign of hardness and strength. Relevant for “soft-bodied” natures.


Rock crystal – improves speech and mental abilities. Strengthens the health and spiritual strength of a person.

Stones of light shades are favorable for the second spring sign:

Milky white cacholong

Kaholong – Symbol of a strong family.


This name is used for various stones of silver-bluish and gray colors. These include belomorite and adularia .

What stones should Taurus be more careful about

Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . List of stones to which Taurus should take a closer look:

In conclusion, a few words about the decoration of jewelry. Emerald needs a gold setting, turquoise needs silver. Agate and opal are encased in copper. Opal does not tolerate the proximity of other minerals.

It is believed that compliance with these rules will allow the magical properties of talismans to reveal themselves with special power.

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