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Sagittarius stones

Sagittarius is active from November 23 to December 21. It is ruled by Jupiter . Natural element – Fire. Symbol – Centaur.

It is the Centaur, the man-horse, that forms the duality of the sign – the type of a vagabond and a thinker at the same time. On the one hand – rough straightforwardness, on the other – intellect and spirituality.

It is quite a normal situation for a Sagittarius : to travel mentally, sitting with a book in a chair, or, conversely, wander around the world, dreaming of home comfort.

Men are romantics and fidgets, spenders and merry fellows, nature lovers. You can have fascinating conversations with them on high topics: religion and science, politics and philosophy. Women are real Amazons, striving for independence and complete gender equality. However, some of them like to live on the support of partners and husbands. For both women and men, the novelty of impressions is important. Sagittarius are always ready for risky adventures. This does not prevent them from being connoisseurs of comfort and luxury.

The magic of natural minerals helps to correct problem areas of the personality, to strengthen positive qualities.
Sagittarius stones

Stones talismans for all Sagittarius

Focusing on the opposite principles in the nature of the sign, astrologers recommend compiling a collection of talismans of amulets from two types of stones: in winter, red gems of Fire have a beneficial effect on Sagittarius, in summer – cold, gloomy minerals.

Winter signs do not need a lot of amulets. It is enough for a Sagittarius to have 5-6 gems.


The strong energy of the mineral reliably protects Sagittarius from all sorts of misfortunes. Turquoise is useful for self-realization in the profession. She will tell you how to find worthy partners, create business connections, and heal from excessive carelessness.


The main mascot of Sagittarius. It performs many functions: when traveling, it protects against disasters, in a crowd – from negative influences. Promotes career growth and financial well-being. Helps to understand the beauty of one true love.


The energy of the gem is especially beneficial for men. The “talisman of kings” turns them into winners, whether it be about love, power struggle, high office, competition in business or sports. More about Ruby .

Blue sapphire

It is difficult for an open, straightforward Sagittarius to keep secrets. “Stone of Wisdom” will teach its owner restraint. Sapphire jewelry will save reckless “centaurs” from adventures, teach them to feel lies and duplicity. And the gem also stimulates the craving for knowledge.


Blue topaz is very good for those who have to deal with intrigue and envy. He will help to unravel the insidious plans of ill-wishers. Will attract money. Jewelry with this stone is primarily of interest to women. It is believed that topaz is able to preserve youth, external charm and find a life partner for a long time. More about Topaz .


The ardent Sagittarius needs an amulet that gives peace of mind and self-control. This role is successfully performed by chrysolite . He protects the owner from conflicts, teaches to show tact in relations with people.
Sagittarius stones

Sagittarius stones by date of birth

23.11 – 02.12

Gifted individuals. In youth, they offer brilliant hopes. But laziness and hedonism can get in the way of their many projects. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear jewelry with the following gems:

03.12 – 12.12

Excessive impulsiveness makes life difficult for people in the second decade. Control over emotions for hot-tempered Sagittarius will be provided by talisman stones:

  • aquamarine – cools anger;
  • chalcedony – balances the emotional and mental sphere.

13.12 – 21.12

Sagittarius of the third decade has many advantages. For this they are appreciated in the immediate environment. But they are great Don Juans. The belief in their own perfection makes them intolerant of criticism. Protect the second decade:

Additional list of beneficial minerals:

  • almandine (cherry, purple);
  • corals (red, black);
  • obsidian (brown-black);
  • pyrope (bright red garnet);
  • tiger eye ;
  • tourmaline ;

Dangerous stones talismans

The craving for novelty inherent in the nature of the sign is incompatible with jade . This mineral will only increase the tendency of the “centaur” to drastically change its life. Unexpected turns in fate do not always bring happiness. Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . A list of stones to which Sagittarius should take a closer look.

Black opal is able to lead the dreamer Sagittarius far from reality – into the world of pipe dreams.

The sign is contraindicated in a pink mineral – rhodonite . Any stones of a golden color are also harmful , including yellow topaz and sapphire .

In conclusion, we note that all Sagittarius talismans must be set in white metals: platinum or silver.

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