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Hematite – the magical properties of the stone

photo Hematite The magical properties of stones have been known for a long time. Our ancestors often used them for protection from enemies, evil eyes, damage, as amulets. The most common stone for men is hematite, which is popularly called bloodstone. It is believed to give courage and enhance masculine strength.

The stone is black or dark red in color and is, in fact, iron oxide. For a long time sorcerers and fortune-tellers used hematite in their rituals, with its help they drew circles and other magical signs.

In Egypt, the priests with the help of hematite (bloodstone) protected themselves from the influence of dark forces.

The Romans made figurines of gods from stone, which they took with them on the battlefield, it was believed that this gives courage. They also used hematite to communicate with the world of the dead.

In Russia, hematite was used as a talisman for children. It was often hung over the baby's cradle, thus protecting the baby from falls and injuries.

The healing properties of hematite (bloodstone) are used as a means that improves the quality of blood, to stop severe bleeding. It promotes the healing of the spleen, kidneys and liver.

photo Hematite

Who is Hematite for?

Hematite is ideal for people born under the sign of Cancer and Scorpio . Men who feel self-doubt and those who are deprived of natural charm should definitely purchase a bloodstone and use it as an amulet. It enhances sexual energy and imparts a magical appeal that is very difficult for women to resist.

Jewelry made of hematite looks very impressive and attractive. If a man decides to wear a bloodstone ring, then put it on the index finger of his right or left hand. And the planet – the patron saint of hematite is truly masculine – this is Mars.

photo Hematite

Who is not allowed to wear?

You cannot use this stone thoughtlessly and wear it constantly, as it contains a strong energy. Bloodstone can harm people who are soft and weak in character, because if the power that he transfers to his master does not find a way out, it will automatically begin to burn the owner from the inside.

Therefore, before you buy yourself hematite as a talisman, you should think about whether a person is able to cope with such a powerful energy of the stone.


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