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Cancer stones

The period of validity of Cancer accounts for the peak of the summer: June 21 – July 22. The moon is the main ruler of the sign. Depending on the decade, the representatives of the constellation are influenced by Jupiter and Neptune . Natural element – Water.

Cancers are endowed with extraordinary intelligence. Against the background of external restraint, they are characterized by hidden emotionality. At heart, they are sensitive and vulnerable people prone to introspection. Childhood memories are extremely important for adult individuals.

In their youth, Cancers are dreamers obsessed with the search for great love. In adulthood, many of them are serious about their careers. And yet the highest value of Cancers is the family. They are loving spouses, gentle parents. Born psychologists, Cancers seem to be created in order to listen to the confessions of friends and family. The peculiarity of the sign is an extremely developed intuition.

Another common trait is frugality. Cancers know how to save money without prejudice to themselves.

In the absence of love and understanding, negative character traits can appear: passivity, mental coldness, endless mood swings, sometimes hysteria.

The selection of amulets that are relevant to him depends on the personal characteristics of the sign .
Cancer stones

Talismans for all Cancers

Being the embodiment of the Water element, Cancer opposes Fire. Therefore, for him, dense yellow, orange, bright red, black minerals that can suppress a person with their powerful energy are undesirable. The best option is blue, green, pink, pale yellow stones.


A luxurious gem is an amulet for creative people. In down-to-earth individuals, he awakens latent talents, can rekindle an interest in philosophy.

Emerald is the protector of travelers, sailors, businessmen. This is a talisman for future mothers.

It is believed that the noble mineral brings material well-being.

Contact with emerald is good for Cancer's vulnerable psyche. The gem gives them joy and peace of mind.

For closed natures, a stone helps to overcome stiffness, to establish communication with people.


The stone is associated with longevity, prosperity, strong marriage. Creates powerful protection against envy.

Pearls can lose their wonderful luster. In this way, he warns the owner of an impending disease.


A translucent bluish-silver mineral absorbs lunar energy, relieving a person of the exciting influence of the full moon. This is essential for Cancer.

The moonstone (usually Adularia ) is useful for those who are looking for love. The mineral softens the owner's temper, suggests a reasonable way out of a difficult situation, and promotes a career.

Cat's eye

This is the name of the samples of minerals, the greenish and golden tints of which resemble the mysterious brilliance of cat's pupils. These are tourmaline, beryl and chrysoberyl .

Their properties are useful for those who want to attract the attention of others, to establish communication with work colleagues and family members. These stones contribute to career success.
Cancer stones

Cancer charms by date of birth

06.21 – 07.01 (Moon)

Representatives of the first decade are gentle and sentimental. They pass all external impressions through the heart. Vulnerable natures require effective protection from dark energies.

A specimen from the blue beryl breed stabilizes the nervous system, protects Cancer from deception and meanness. The clouding of the mineral betrays the wearer's mental anguish.

The strong energy field of the chalcedony variety provides strong protection against stress.

They help to overcome inertia, to find their place in life. The owners of these gems sharply feel someone else's lies and falsity.

Strengthens the spiritual and physical strength of a person.

02.07. – 11.07 (Jupiter)

Cancer of the second decade is characterized by a thirst for knowledge. He takes an active life position, is ambitious, loves power. Difficulties do not frighten him. A negative trait is cynicism.

  • Chrysoprase

Personalizes new beginnings. Brings good luck to researchers. Attracts money. Helps to make new friends.

Doubtful financial frauds bring Cancer only sorrow and disappointment. The beautiful green mineral warns its owner against reckless actions.

Protector of courageous, self-confident people. Allows you to preserve the youth of the soul in adulthood.

Provides assistance in business.

12.07 – 22.07 (Neptune)

Representatives of the decade are the mainstay of family and friends. There are many gifted creative personalities among them – writers and artists. A characteristic feature is an unusually developed sense of duty.

Jadeite is a type of jade. Both stones are endowed with similar properties. These are symbols of perfection, to which Cancers of the third decade are striving so much.

The sun mineral is a source of inspiration for creative people.

As already noted, memory has a strong power over Cancers. The blue mineral relieves a person of difficult memories.

Transparent yellow beryl sharpens discernment, relieves pessimism.

Dangerous stones:

Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . List of stones to which Cancers should take a closer look:

Magic experts recommend Cancers have 8-10 natural minerals. When choosing stones, be sure to take into account your own preferences. Only then will jewelry become your friends and protectors.

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