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Scorpio stones

The duration of the eighth sign of the zodiac is from October 24 to November 22. It is ruled by hot Mars and distant cold Pluto . Natural element – Water.

Scorpio is a mysterious sign. During the period of his activity, geniuses and fools, heroes and slaves of base passions, realists and mystics are born. Mars endows his charges with stubbornness, aggression and overflowing sexuality. Pluto reveals to them the deepest secrets of being, which often leads to a heartbreaking struggle with oneself. Inside the most infantile-looking creature, a dangerous fire always burns. With devilish sagacity, the chosen one of Pluto guesses the thoughts of others, but no one knows what he himself is thinking. Endowed with an exceptional taste for life, Scorpio, like the Phoenix, always rises from the ashes after the most destructive disasters.

Scorpio men are individualists. They rely only on themselves. Obsessed with a lust for power. Never miss an opportunity to move up the corporate ladder.

Fatal beauties are born under the eighth sign of the zodiac. Men fall in love with them to madness, to slavish adoration. Families and careers collapse because of such enchantresses. But in marriage you can rely on them. Scorpio women are not afraid of difficulties, among them there are many mothers with many children. They in every possible way support their husbands in their ambitious aspirations, and they themselves often occupy high positions.

Highly developed Scorpios are able to suppress the dark passions that rage in them: envy, greed, jealousy, selfishness. Many of them are noble people, successful professionals, bright leaders, reliable support of loved ones.

The talismans chosen according to the horoscope help to direct the powerful energy of the sign in a positive direction. A collection of stones should consist of 6-8 samples of different colors.


The main amulets and stones talismans of Scorpio

Minerals that are traditionally considered hazardous are suitable for the sign. These are densely colored gems of dark shimmering shades: blue, blood red, lilac, mourning black. The stones of the element of Water are also useful for him.


Defender of marital happiness, a symbol of love and respect. It generates in the soul of the owner sincere gratitude to the one who gave it.


It tames the uncontrollable energy of Scorpio, including the sexual one. Constant contact with hematite will teach the representative of the sign to be tolerant and affectionate with household members, to better understand colleagues at work.


Instances of red and black colors enhance the attractiveness of their owner. Pomegranate is a symbol of love, friendship, gratitude. His magic allows you to predict future events.


Scorpio is subject to a gloomy mood. His irritation is often directed at himself. Red, blue, black corals will free the owner from the captivity of depression, save him from annoying mistakes.


It evens out relations in marriage, eliminates jealousy scandals. Scorpio's partner often lacks attention and tenderness. Opal will correct this omission.


This is the mascot of male winners. Brings success in big business and politics. Teaches you not to doubt yourself.

Eliminates arrogance.

Blue sapphire

Scorpio can find it difficult to get rid of the burden of difficult memories. He is able to mentally “replay” resentments, unpleasant situations tens of times. In this case, sapphire is recommended. For women, this gem has a special meaning. He makes them more agreeable, relieves of mistrust and anxious premonitions.
Scorpio stones

Stones talismans for Scorpio by date of birth

October 24 – November 3

The disadvantages of people of the first decade are stubbornness, impudence, the habit of commanding. Unreasonable waste of energy causes dissatisfaction with life. Transparent solid minerals will help to correct the situation:

November 4 – November 13

Scorpios of the second decade are generous, bold, decisive. They go to the goal, stopping at nothing. Failures lead to bouts of despair and ruthless self-criticism. Properly selected talismans bring harmony into the souls of these people:

November 14 – November 22

Representatives of the third decade are amorous, gifted, creative personalities. The following stones are in harmony with their mysterious and complex inner world:

Additional list of amulets

Labrador, lapis lazuli , obsidian , onyx (black), pyrope, carnelian , chrysoprase.

What stones are dangerous for Scorpions?

Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . A list of stones that Scorpios should take a closer look at.

Pearls bring stagnation to the life of people who need bright emotions and dynamics of life. Boredom, routine can lead a temperamental Scorpio on the path of dubious adventures. In addition, pearls can deprive a creative person of inspiration, provoke a break in love relationships.

Citrine arouses interest in forbidden pleasures (alcohol, drugs, gambling addiction, extreme sports).

Amber , like all yellow stones , feeds on the energy of Scorpio, giving nothing in return. When in contact with him, the individual runs the risk of losing his strength, falling into apathy.

The harmful stones of the sign also include adularia (a type of moonstone ) , emerald , jade , rhodonite, uvarovite .

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