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Rose quartz stone – magical properties

Rose quartz is a light pink opaque stone. The external characteristics of the mineral are unremarkable, however, the magical properties of the Rose Quartz stone have made it very popular.

Rose quartz stone - magical properties

The magical power of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is responsible for the love sphere of human life. Its soft feminine energy makes this stone the strongest love talisman. Girls often use Rose Quartz to attract a man into their lives or to keep a lover.

Rose quartz stoneIn addition to love, Rose Quartz patronizes any warm and sincere feelings, be it friendship or family ties. For those who have trouble with a partner, this mineral can be used to soothe. He will help to mobilize mental strength in order to start life anew and find new love.

For people prone to depression and self-criticism, wearing Rose Quartz will allow you to feel a surge of positive energy and take a fresh look at the world around you. This mineral teaches you to forgive and to be acutely aware of the wonderful moments that life brings with it.

In order to improve relations between the spouses, it is enough to place two figures of animals or birds from Rose quartz in the south-western part of the apartment . This simple ritual will help keep your home warm and cozy.

The magical properties of Rose Quartz extend to women carrying a child. Wearing this mineral will make pregnancy easy and ensure the birth of a healthy baby. For men, this stone will also be useful, as its strength increases potency.

Rose quartz teaches to enjoy life, to look at the world through the eyes of a child. The mineral makes you love yourself and everyone around, charging its owner with positive energy. Even wearing Rose Quartz for a short period of time significantly improves your mood and changes your view of the world.

The pink mineral will relieve insomnia if you put it under your pillow. In addition, it soothes, relieving excessive nervous excitability and stress. Also, Rose quartz will be useful for people who work a lot at the computer. If such a stone is kept near the monitor, it neutralizes dangerous electromagnetic radiation and will not let your eyes get tired.

Rose quartz stone

The healing properties of the stone

In lithotherapy, Rose Quartz is a recognized symbol of health and longevity. Its healing properties extend not only to the human body, but also to his state of mind.

The miraculous power of Rose Quartz enables its owner to rehabilitate after a heart attack and restore the state of the cardiovascular system. He also treats sexually transmitted diseases, kidney diseases, helps to cleanse the blood and lymph. For diabetics and those suffering from pancreatic diseases, wearing the Pink Mineral talisman is very beneficial.

Rose quartz is effectively used for bone diseases, as well as during the recovery period after fractures. The mineral heals skin diseases, for which a light massage of the affected area with a small pebble is shown, as well as adding to the cream in the form of a powder. Currently, Rose Quartz is widely used in spa salons for various types of treatments.

Rose quartz

Features of use

From an astrological point of view, Rose Quartz will be a suitable companion for any person. It will be especially useful for Libra , Taurus , Aquarius and Cancer . It is best to wear it in the form of a bead or pendant, so that it is located as close to the heart as possible.

The magical properties of Rose Quartz will only be preserved if properly cared for. This mineral requires an energy recharge. To do this, you need to hold it under running water, and then put it on a stone with Amethyst or Rhinestone. Also, do not expose the stone to direct sunlight. Under their influence, Rose Quartz loses its color and strength.

The Pink Mineral Talisman cannot be worn all the time. This can provoke a wrong attitude towards the world in its owner. A kind of “rose-colored glasses” are formed when a person is not able to adequately perceive what is happening. The energy of Rose Quartz must be dosed, then it will be beneficial.


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