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Carnelian (Carnelian) – the magical properties of the stone

CarnelianCarnelian or Carnelian is one of the types of Agate and has a bright color of warm tones – from orange-red to brown-chestnut. Translated from Greek, Carnelian means “stone from Sardis”. In Russian, its name is consonant with the word heart, it is no coincidence that it symbolizes love and life.

The magic power of the stone

The magical properties possessed by the Carnelian stone (Carnelian) make it one of the strongest love talismans. This particle of the Earth charges its owner with positive energy, protecting family ties, love feelings and restoring vitality. Carnelian is able to create a barrier to any negative energy from the outside, preventing damage or evil eye.

Carnelian - the magical properties of the stoneCarnelian (Carnelian) is also called the “stone of the sun”, because it bestows noble courage and inner wisdom to its owner. The magical properties of the Carnelian stone allow you to reach great heights in life under its protection.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui , Carnelian (Carnelian) is a powerful stabilizer of Qi bioenergy . Thanks to this, he is able to preserve and increase happiness in the house. Carnelian patronizes couples, helping to revive feelings and enhance sexual activity. The wonderful properties of the sun stone are also manifested in the ability to give peace and tranquility, while endowing its owner with intuition, insight and a good memory.

Talismans made from Carnelian (Carnelian) have been used since ancient times. This unique stone has such a wide range of properties that it can be used in many fields of activity. It is good as an assistant for creative people and business representatives. The first one helps to unleash potential, to fully realize natural abilities. To the second, Carnelian gives the ability to concentrate and vitality to achieve their goals.

In the sphere of relations between people, the magical properties of the Carnelian stone are manifested with special force. He can protect from evil spells, protects from gossip, quarrels and various troubles.

A person who has chosen this extraordinary stone as a talisman will immediately feel that he is accompanied by success and luck in business. It is best for women to wear a stone in a ring, and a man can choose any method. Choosing a frame for Carnelian, you should focus on cupronickel or silver.

Carnelian - properties of stone

The healing properties of the stone

There are legends about the medicinal properties of Carnelian (Carneola). Since the Middle Ages, women have been advised to keep a piece of this stone in their mouths during childbirth. Observations testified in favor of the fact that the sun stone relieves the suffering of a woman in labor and contributes to the rapid birth of a healthy child.

The healers of Ancient Egypt created a special powder from the stone, which was used to restore strength and have a calming effect.

The inhabitants of Central Asia praised Carnelian, noting that it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, heals diseases of the circulatory, genitourinary, pulmonary and endocrine systems.

CarnelianDr. Johann Schroeder used Carnelian powder in his practice in the treatment of dysentery. In addition, he believed that the constant presence of the stone saves a person from obsessions and fears, mobilizing the resources of internal energy.

Modern stone science has a special branch called carnelian therapy. This is due to the fact that the healing and magical properties of Carnelian stones make it universal. It becomes a remedy for any illness and even bad mood.

According to modern teaching, Carnelian has a powerful Yang projective energy . This mineral allows you to get rid of headaches, restores the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens teeth, heals the kidneys. In addition, it helps to defeat infections, sepsis, and also saves men from impotence.

Before and during World War II, Carnelian (Carnelian) was widely used to heal wounds, tumors and abscesses. For this, the temperature of the stone was increased and then kept on a sore spot for several minutes. In the absence of modern medicines, such therapy had an amazing effect.

Science explains such a wide spectrum of the effects of a mineral on the human body by the presence of a small dose of radiation in it. It is known that a small amount of radioactivity has a stimulating effect, thus renewing the cells of the body and making it healthy.


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