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Biorhythm compatibility

Biorhythm compatibilityThe desire of people to establish positive relationships with each other can be satisfied through the study of the compatibility of biorhythms. The degree of coincidence of biorhythmic cycles determines the possibility of unimpeded implementation of joint activities, be it the physical sphere, emotional or intellectual.

The compatibility of biorhythms can be characterized both as a whole for two or more people, and at certain moments in life. The latter method is good for situations when it is necessary to choose a separate period of time and the corresponding type of joint activity.

The general compatibility of biorhythms, which is relevant throughout life, is calculated for people who are united by love, friendship or family ties. To solve specific business problems, it is enough to determine compatibility at a certain stage of cooperation.

The overall biorhythm compatibility rating is calculated in several stages. First, it is necessary to determine the difference in days between individual biorhythms . After that, each indicator is presented in the form of a relative value, which is summed up and divided by three according to the number of cycles.

Physical compatibility of biorhythms

Biorhythm compatibilityThe physical component of biorhythm compatibility shows how much two people are able to enjoy each other's presence. Usually this applies to sports, travel, active movement, any kind of physical work. When it comes to spouses, then intimate relationships are in the foreground. The degree of compatibility of physical biorhythms directly reflects the compatibility that awaits them in sex.

When physical compatibility is 100%, partners are ensured a happy time no matter what they do. If this indicator is more than 75%, the compatibility of biorhythms is quite good, but in this case, the partners are divided into a leader and a follower. The stronger of them is responsible for the main job of ensuring cooperation. A value of less than 50% indicates that it is necessary to carefully choose the time for solving common problems, taking into account the biorhythmic phases of each of the partners.

Emotional compatibility

Biorhythm compatibilityThe rating of emotional compatibility of biorhythms, close to 100%, ensures successful cooperation for everyone, with the exception of marital and family ties. Here, such a high value can provoke conflict situations and create general tension.

The value of the compatibility of biorhythms in the emotional cycle from 40 to 65% is an excellent indicator for lovers and spouses. Such a difference will constantly warm up interest in each other, at the same time being an incentive for a more respectful relationship.

Emotional compatibility less than 40% will cause misunderstandings. In such a situation, partners will have to find the strength for tactful and responsive interaction. You should also consider favorable and unfavorable periods for close communication.

Intelligent compatibility

Biorhythm compatibilityA rating of 100% in Intelligent Biorhythm Compatibility is a solid foundation for any kind of relationship. Such partners always have something to talk about, they perfectly understand each other. However, there is a danger that such an internal similarity will quickly bore them.

A value over 75% determines a situation when two people complement each other in communication. If the indicator is below 50%, it will be difficult for partners to be together. Tact and diplomacy is indispensable here.

Group compatibility

The compatibility of biorhythms can also be determined for a group of people. To do this, it is necessary to establish the difference in the cycles of each member of the group in days. The next step is to determine compatibility for each biorhythmic cycle . Then all the values ​​are added and divided by three. The result will characterize the group compatibility of biorhythms.

Biorhythm compatibilityThe process of determining the compatibility of human biorhythms – general or specific – is not a lot of work. However, the results can be amazing. Such a personal “communication calendar” will make it possible to find a common language with bosses, households and acquaintances, without making any special efforts.

The secret to success is to anticipate the most appropriate moments for the implementation of this or that type of interaction. For example, if you have to set a date for an important meeting or presentation at work, and the next week for the boss and most employees is a negative phase of the intellectual biorhythm , it is better to postpone the event. In the event that the cycles of one or several biorhythms have an upward movement in most of the group, it is necessary to use the prevailing favorable conditions for solving current problems. This is the principle of human biorhythms compatibility .


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