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The use of biorhythms in human life

Just as there is a change in the lunar cycles , the course of the cycles of human biorhythms is carried out . Information about the cyclical nature of everything that happens in nature is contained in the teachings of Tibetan medicine. It is known that time is divided into periods of the size of a fraction of a second, hour, day, as well as lunar phases, cycles of seasons. The longest cycles are a 12-year period, equal to a year of solar activity, and a cycle of 60 years in size.

Hippocrates and Avicenna were engaged in the study of what place cyclical periods occupy in human life. These great scientists have created scientific works containing information about the possibility of a competent alternation of positive and negative phases. It is this regime, in their opinion, that forms a healthy lifestyle for a person.

The use of biorhythms in human lifeModern biorhythmology arose thanks to the work of Professor Franz Halberg. Also, Russian scientists I.P. Pavlov and V.I. Vernadsky and I.M. Sechenov.

Biorhythms in human life

All these scientists did not just investigate the course of biorhythmic cycles. Each of them tried to reveal the potential of using biorhythms in human life. After all, knowledge in this area can be a wonderful tool for people’s personal success and a guarantee of their well-being. Having an idea of ​​biorhythms, you can reach heights in any field of activity – both in your career and in your intimate life.

It is not enough to know what phases of biorhythms pass at any given moment in time. It is necessary to learn how to use biorhythms in human life . To do this, you need to clearly understand which of their areas of activity each cycle corresponds to.

The beginning of all biorhythmic cycles occurs at the moment of a person’s birth. The growth phase begins on this day. When the biorhythms reach their maximum, each of them will go into a decay phase. This will happen on different days, since each biorhythmic cycle has its own duration.

Critical points of biorhythms are the moments of time when the curves of the zero-point graph are crossed. On these days, special care and attention must be exercised, since the inner balance is disturbed, and negative events can occur.

Each of the biorhythms is in close relationship with the other two, as well as with objective factors such as a person’s age, life experience, health status, etc.

Possibilities of using biorhythms

The use of biorhythms in human life is based on the fact that each cycle is capable of influencing a certain field of activity. The most popular is the use of a physical biorhythm cycle for organizing a training program.

During the growth period of the physical cycle, that is, from the middle of the negative phase to the middle of the positive, you should do the most intense types of training. This will provide improved athletic performance and skill development. In the second half of the positive phase, a gradual decrease in physical potential occurs, so you should moderate your activity a little and consolidate your successes. When the cycle goes into a negative phase, you should do the study of theory or, for example, exercises to stretch the muscles.

It is also necessary to consider the course of other cycles. Even the most favorable moment of the physical biorhythm will not provide an opportunity to develop a good reaction if the indicator of the emotional biorhythm has a large negative value.

The use of biorhythms in human lifeThe growth period in the emotional cycle is well suited for vigorous creative activity and organizing meetings with business partners. Productive communication and professional success will be ensured. During the period of biorhythm decline, it is better to engage in solving intellectual problems or intensify physical activity, depending on the course of other cycles.

The intellectual cycle makes pupils, students and scientists dependent. For those who are mastering a new specialty, the most favorable time is the positive phase of the cycle. It allows the maximum development of erudition and memory with minimal effort. For scientists, the best period is the growth phase of the cycle, which ensures the highest productivity of any research.

The use of biorhythms in a person’s life should change it for the better. In no case should one fall into complete dependence on the course of the cycles, however, it is necessary to use knowledge in this area. Over time, this should be done on an intuitive level, without requiring significant effort. A person must himself understand what types of activities will be most effective in a specific period of time, and for this he only needs to calculate biorhythms for a month.


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