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Influence of biorhythms

The essence of the science of biorhythmology is to determine the potential of a person's internal resources at each moment of time. It is difficult to overestimate the influence of biorhythms on people's lives, since the course of each biorhythmic cycle can determine the outcome of certain events.

Statistical research in the field of biorhythmology

The study of the effect of biorhythms was initiated by Dr. Hans Schwing. In 1939 he published a scientific work reflecting many years of research in this area. In his work, Schwing examined 700 accidents and 300 deaths.

With the help of calculations, Dr. Schwing showed that the ratio of days accompanied by mixed cycles and the number of days spent at the critical point of one of the biorhythm cycles is 79.6 to 20.4.

Influence of biorhythmsThe study of accidents made it possible to establish that 322 of them were registered on critical days of one of the biorhythms, 74 – on double critical days, and 5 fell on the moments of critical triplexes. Reflecting these numbers as percentages, Schwing obtained the following results:

  • 60% of accidents happened on critical days;
  • 40% – falls on the days of mixed cycles, that is, non-critical days;
  • critical days take up 20% of the time.

The results indicate that most of the incidents were recorded during a period of 1/5 of a person's life. The rest of the time accounts for only 40% of negative cases.

Modern statistics show that 26.6% of accidents fall on a single critical day, 46.5% – on a double, and 24.75% – on a triple critical day.

Double physical and emotional critical days are especially dangerous : at this moment, the likelihood of an accident on the road or suicide increases sharply. On such days, a person loses his inner balance. A depressed emotional state combined with poor physical condition can play a bad joke. Research into the influence of biorhythms does not stop at the moment, and biorhythmology itself is gaining more and more recognition.

 How to use biorhythmic cycle data

The use of biorhythms opens up wide opportunities for optimizing human internal resources. Tracking cyclical changes in human potential allows you to:

  • actively use favorable periods;
  • conserve resources and replenish internal energy during periods of negative growth;
  • take extra care on critical days of biorhythms.

Influence of biorhythmsObjective circumstances in a person's life are not influenced by biorhythms, however, a person can react to any event in different ways, depending on the state of his cycles. For example, on the critical days of emotional biorhythm, people are very irritable, they are easily unsettled by even the smallest incident. The result of this influence of the biorhythm is a sharply negative reaction to certain events, which entails a number of negative life moments.

On a critical day of physical biorhythm, an athlete in competition can make a ridiculous, fatal mistake that will jeopardize his entire career. A scientist who has chosen a critical day of intellectual biorhythm to defend his dissertation will not be able to fully demonstrate his knowledge. The defense may seem unconvincing to the commission, and additional questions will not get a quick and clear answer.

At the same time, an athlete and a scientist can make a dizzying career if they actively act during periods of the rise of biorhythmic cycles. At this time, their professional capabilities will be at their best, and the achievement of success will be almost inevitable.

The use of biorhythms opens up good prospects for reducing the number of unfavorable moments in people's lives. Some businesses that take care of their employees have staggered schedules. Each employee of the company has the right to choose the most efficient and safest days for work. Such a policy has the best effect on labor productivity and career growth of personnel.

In addition, each person can track the course of biorhythmic cycles on an individual basis, determining for himself the days when to act most actively, and when it is better to stay in the shadows to ensure the accumulation of internal energy. To calculate biorhythms online, use our calculator.


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