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Children’s horoscope. Sagittarius is a child.

Sign period : (November 23 – December 21)
Planet :
Sign property:
changeable, fickle, mutable

znak-zodiaka-strelec-rebenok-1fSagittarius are incredibly energetic, active and curious kids. They are real fidgets who cannot stand boredom. They are ready to do anything, just not to sit still. Little Sagittarius wants to know everything and usually annoys adults with endless questions. Sagittarius are very straightforward, they like to tell the truth. But they also like to embellish this truth so that it is not boring. This is especially true of Sagittarius-children, who are great dreamers. Their rich imagination can lead to the fact that they come up with two “true” versions at once.
Sagittarius is a childFor Sagittariusschool is the place where they can prove themselves. Therefore, children of this sign, as a rule, learn with pleasure, and thanks to their energy they do everything quickly. The Sagittarius child usually loves to read, as he always strives to gain new knowledge. But at the same time, he cannot sit still for a long time, therefore, intellectual activities must often be alternated with active games in the fresh air. Due to his excessive sociability, Sagittarius quickly becomes a favorite in the class, the soul of the company, and a witty merry fellow.

The Sagittarius child is quick-tempered and impulsive, does not know how to restrain his emotions, can be too rude and harsh, but he cools very quickly and forgets all insults instantly.

The most negative feature of Sagittarius is the inability to take on and bear responsibility. It is important for parents to help Sagittarius develop a sense of responsibility from childhood by entrusting him with taking care of a pet.

Since childhood, Sagittarius is very fond of absorbing new impressions, he is always full of enthusiasm and looks at the world like a real optimist. Sagittarius needs constant physical activity, therefore, while still a toddler, he seeks to go as quickly as possible, and it is better to run. Sagittarius love large spaces, freedom, fresh air. Therefore, active games in nature are the best entertainment for a Sagittarius child. In general, sports and physical activity are the best healers for any ailments of Sagittarius, both physical and spiritual.
Sagittarius is a childSince childhood, Streltsov has a special relationship with freedom. They do not tolerate restrictions. But it is quite possible to motivate them by expanding the boundaries of personal freedom. For the sake of freedom, Sagittarius will agree to take responsibility.

Sagittarius love to travel since childhood, they always feel comfortable in any conditions that help them avoid boredom and everyday life. Student cultural exchange programs are very suitable for Sagittarius. And the ability to learn foreign languages ​​helps Sagittarius to get full communication in their travels. Representatives of this sign are quite capable of studying even several different foreign languages ​​at once. Parents should pay attention, and as early as possible begin to develop these abilities in Sagittarius children.

Because of their frivolity, teenage Sagittarius often find themselves in not the best companies and in various alterations. Fortunately, they are very lucky, and many troubles, by the will of fate, bypass them.

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