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New 2016 year. What to expect from the fiery Monkey?

Every year we look forward to the New Year. This is the most magical holiday that we have loved since childhood. And they have long been accustomed to, each year has its own patron animal, according to the Chinese horoscope . The red fiery monkey will become the symbol of 2016.

What can we expect from the symbol of 2016?

The monkey is a restless and curious animal, she loves attention. Since ancient times, the monkey has been considered a wise, thrifty and calculating animal.

Success can be expected this year for people who will enter it with a clear mind, good thoughts, will be prudent and prudent.

What to expect from the fiery Monkey?The year will be characterized by energy, rebirth, growth, renewal, dynamism. If you try to imitate the monkeys in their behavior, then you can easily win the patronage of the owner of the year. Then expect good luck in business and luck.
In order to have a good year in material terms, you should not litter and throw money around, the monkey does not like this. You need to invest money wisely, try to increase it, and then financial success will accompany you.

In 2016, it was successful to complete all sorts of transactions. Change can be sudden and life-changing. Many people will be able to move up the career ladder. It will be a successful year for weddings and the birth of children.

What outfit to choose for a celebration?

In the year of the monkey, choose outfits made from natural fabrics, the main color of the outfit is red, burgundy, maybe dark pink. Other colors are allowed – orange, red, gold, yellow, coral, mother-of-pearl.

The style of the outfit should be graceful and elegant. The monkey likes bright, eye-catching decorations. It is better to give preference to natural stones and metals.

The hairstyle should be neat and graceful. Both flowing curls and an elegant ponytail are suitable. Natural, discreet make-up is welcomed.

For men, a classic suit is better suited, which needs to be complemented with a tie or bow tie.

What should be served to the table?

Do not forget to put greens, fresh vegetables and snacks from them on the table. The monkey loves a variety of foods. Decorate the table with fruits, and also do not forget about desserts, because the monkey is a big sweet tooth. From drinks it is better to choose a good expensive wine. It is better to refuse stronger drinks.
What to expect from the fiery Monkey?

What to give?

In 2016, the year of the monkey, it is important to remember one thing: the gift must be liked, be liked by the one to whom you present it. These can be both useful gifts and cute souvenirs. Be sure to present a small monkey figurine, it will bring good luck.

Astrologers say: in 2016, success awaits all signs of the zodiac , who will be resourceful, adventurous and curious.


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