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The animal that ruled the day

To develop good habits that make life easier and more orderly, it may be helpful to determine which of the Sacred Animals corresponds to the exact date of birth. We will learn about how to behave correctly in everyday life and about the little things that help you find the right path and avoid trouble.

Eastern astrology can tell a lot about how to determine the Animal corresponding to the exact date of birth. It is enough to remember that a week according to the Chinese calendar consists of ten days, and it becomes clear that this task is not an easy one. In order to define a Sacred Animal, it is necessary to refer to three different tables in the last part of this book. From the first table (table A) we get the result corresponding to the year of birth. Let's write it down. Second step: turn to table B. Find the date corresponding to the month of birth. This number does not depend on the year of birth. So, we got result B. Let's add these two results. Next, we add the birth number to the resulting sum and get the result C, which we find in table C.

CHINESE HOROSCOPE day managementCHINESE HOROSCOPE day managementCHINESE HOROSCOPE day management

For a better understanding, we will explain everything that has been said with a specific example. In order to determine the Sacred Animal corresponding to March 20, 1995, we will perform the following calculations:

1. In table A we find 1995. Result A is number 28.

2. The second result is obtained from Table B. Mart has the number 59.

3. Let's add the results obtained:

Result A + Result B + Birth Number = Result C.

In our example, the result is C = 28 + 59 + 20 = 107.

Since 107 is greater than 60, we will not find it in the table, so:

Result С = 107 – 60 = 47.

4. In table C we find the Sacred Animal
corresponding to the number 47. In this case, it is the Dog.

The final result is superimposed on the sixties cycle. Recall that each Sacred Animal corresponds to one of the Five Elements. In our example, March 20, 1995 corresponds to Dog (47). However, 4 more results (in terms of the number of Elements) can correspond to this animal, but in this case C = 47 is a Metal Dog.

Identifying the Item corresponding to a specific date of birth may be helpful. At the end of this chapter, a general list of Items associated with a specific date will be presented. And now let's move on to a brief description of the day of each Sacred Animal.

Rat Day

On this day, everything turns out smartly and beautifully. Ingenuity prevails over all other qualities. It is worth listening to your intuition and

pay tribute to the gift of clairvoyance. The main intention, or aspiration, which dominates the senses today, is aimed exclusively at achieving practical goals. This slowly but surely leads a person up the social ladder and contributes to an increase in personal well-being. However, you must be careful not to openly demonstrate your secret intentions.

Day of the Ox (Ox)

Everything that is undertaken on the day of Vol must be thought out and subordinated to the plan. The ox does not provide freedom of action. Only those activities that correspond to cultural traditions can be successful, the schedule is drawn up, the diary is full. Discipline comes first. Not surprisingly, Vol's feelings come second. He tries to suppress emotions, fearing that they will not match the moment. An excess of realism on this day can extinguish fantasy and imagination. But physical fitness and common sense reach the maximum.

Tiger day

Without a doubt, this is one of the brightest days; passion and courage are at their peak. Saturation and personal impulse can even provoke an incident or manifest in the form of arrogant behavior. The tiger seeks to seize as much territory as possible, while ignoring others. Excessive egocentrism and lack of compassion will not prevent him from safely emerging from the most unpleasant situations, conquering with elegance and enormous personal charm.

Day of the Rabbit (Hare, Cat)

The energy of the Rabbit is concentrated inside, and it is desirable to live this day for your own pleasure. The rabbit is inclined to indulge in laziness, adores comfort, and sometimes will not refuse to sin. Without a doubt, today you need to engage in spiritual development, enjoy the art and, which is very important, show maximum kindness and sympathy to people. Sentimentality prevails over other feelings. If you look inside, into the soul, distances and differences disappear, and you can easily understand and forgive even the enemy.

Dragon Day

Life abounds. The fate of the Dragon is unpredictable: fly as high as possible or be as far from the target as possible. He is great at overcoming the first difficulties, but he does not pay due attention to his image. On this day, attention is paid primarily to the form, a halo of charisma is created around the leader. Despite the fact that today frivolity, superficiality and the desire for a carefree life are held in high esteem, they are also attracted by mystery, all kinds of exoticism and superstition.

Day of the Snake

Earthly values ​​are held in high esteem on this day. No one is as close to Earth as the Serpent. The values ​​that prevail on this day are caution and the accumulation of material wealth. Serpentine wisdom is earthly wisdom, it does not break away from the soil, does not look far ahead and sins with some limitation. She is interested in the occult, magic and erotica. Despite the ability for strong passions, the Snake can control his feelings well and hide them deeply.

Horse Day (Horse)

Independence is in vogue on this day. A person born on the day of the Horse (Horse) is intolerant and restless. For him, individual activity is in the first place. Without sufficient life experience, he will not achieve much in life. The complete irresponsibility of the Horse (Horse) is striking, and his desire for freedom is so great that any obligations are perceived as God's punishment. Basically, this day is filled with illusions, the desire for self-expression and great enthusiasm.

Day of the Goat (Sheep)

On the day of the Goat (Sheep), no one will feel satisfied. She is capricious, her desires are thoughtless and therefore often impracticable. Perhaps she is simply trying to attract attention to herself. It is also true that no one better than the Goat (Sheep) will reciprocate love and affection. Feelings dominate on this day. There is an inner dissatisfaction with the social duties that limit the seething feelings. We must try to maintain peace and harmony in the soul, show compassion and gentleness.

Monkey Day

The most important thing on Monkey day is to safely get out of the most difficult situations that life presents. Resourcefulness, ingenuity play the main role on this day. The monkey is sociable, it always strives to be in sight, because without the public, its actions lose all meaning. She tries so hard to express her creative nature that she forgets about the interests of others (with the exception of small children, she is very attached to them). Often, the Monkey behaves with people in its own way, and this is not always perceived adequately. She lacks modesty and discretion, and this is worth considering.

Rooster Day

When the main character of the day is the Rooster, honesty and generosity come first. However, this day is characterized by scrupulousness and touchiness. As in the proverb, the Rooster will notice a straw in someone else's eye, but in his own he will not even see a log. On this day, professional activity is successful, a person identifies himself with his role in society, a spirit of healthy competition and rivalry reigns, and this allows you to be in shape, overcoming the complexities of modern society.

Dog Day

The most important thing for the Dog is to feel that they belong to the clan, to the pack. He cannot live without an atmosphere of trust and security. The need for protection and patronage limits personal growth. Mistrust in life can eventually turn into a nightmare, and clouds of pessimism may well darken the light of this day. Sooner or later, this can affect the character of the Dog, making him heavy, irritable and grumpy, from which the closest people suffer in the first place. The only way to successfully spend and end this day is with a sense of duty and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Day of the Pig (Boar)

The Pig's gluttony has no boundaries. He absorbs everything that he meets on his way, and we are talking not only about material, but also about energy food. In personal relationships, the Pig will not miss his own either. He is very emotional and sensitive and unable to control his insatiable appetite. The boar jealously guards its privacy. Big family celebrations are usually held on the day of the Pig. At public meetings and festivals, the Boar rightfully takes the chair. Gallant behavior in society favorably distinguishes him from the rest. Over the years, the brilliance of the Pig does not fade, on the contrary, only having found its place in society, having taken a worthy position in it, will it show itself in all its glory. The comfort and convenience are designed specifically to be enjoyed on a Boar day.


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