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HORSE TYPES according to the Eastern horoscope

Five elements and the year of the Horse in our century

  • 1906 January 25 – element of the year fire
  • 1918 February 11 – element of the year earth
  • 1930 January 30 – the element of the year metal
  • 1942 February 15 – the element of the year water
  • 1954 February 3 – element of the year tree
  • 1966 January 21 – element of the year fire
  • 1978 February 7 – element of the year earth
  • 1990 January 27 – element of the year metal
  • 2002 February 12 – element of the year water
  • 2014 January 31 – element of the year tree

Metal Horse Badge

Metal Horse BadgeThe Metal Horse is considered the most obstinate, extravagant and stubborn of all its brethren. Her free soul can go to any extravagance, easily letting go of dreams and impulses, and at the same time not recognizing any restrictions and norms. And yet, despite her frenzied popularity (she is known throughout the world for her originality and rebellion), she is gradually moving away from her surroundings and may eventually doom herself to loneliness.

The Metal Horse gives himself completely to his ideas, and this can create many problems and obstacles for her, overcoming them she feels more powerful.

If you tie the Metal Horse, she will start to go crazy, this sign is very hardworking, and if she takes up something, she will put her whole soul into the matter. This horse avoids marriage, like its other brethren, does not like to be bound by heartfelt obligations.

Water Horse Sign

Water Horse SignThe Water Horse is a pleasant person, she is spontaneous in expressing her feelings, with good manners and a great sense of humor. In addition, she easily adapts to challenging environments. She is very keen on, and can quickly change her mind and her intentions, under the influence of a coca or situation.

However, her path is not always strewn with roses. She is often concerned about her own well-being, she is boastful and commits rash acts, which is why she often does not enjoy the trust of others.

People born under the sign of the water horse adore easy life, travel, entertainment, love to enjoy life. These people are immersed in their inner world, which is full of illusions and chimeras, they have a huge imagination sometimes unrestrained, which leads to uncontrollable consequences.

Wood Horse Sign

Wood Horse SignDue to the influence of the Tree, this Horse is not as crazy, passionate and disorganized as the rest of its brethren. She has the gift of directing her forces in the right direction. The Wood Horse does not seek to attract the attention of others. She is prudent and prone to reflection, able to listen to her interlocutor and even put herself in his place. Because of what the Wooden Horse knows how to understand other people well and easily empathizes with them.

People who were born under the sign of the Wooden Horse have another good trait, which is the ability to cooperate. They are very active and friendly. They are hardworking and know how to distinguish between good things and empty ones. For a wooden horse, special caution is characteristic, which is why sometimes their forward movement is greatly slowed down. In his personal life, the Wooden Horse is not particularly romantic. She is looking not for a lover, but for a comrade and friend with whom she can easily share her ideals together.

Fire Horse Sign

The Fire Horse is impulsive by nature, its initiative and excitability sometimes go beyond all boundaries. These people are Active, versatile and hot, they need strong emotions to prove to themselves that they are still alive. If something gets into their heads, then all their unbreakable will will gather into one fist to reach the desired goal. Fortunately, they have a talent for extricating themselves from difficult situations.

They are resourceful, and have a gift for unraveling tangled problems, and the difficulties they encounter only stimulate their development and growth. However, they often lack consistency and perseverance. People born under the sign of a fiery horse themselves very quickly get tired of their own plans. When their goal is achieved, it immediately loses its attractiveness.

In love and personal life, the search for pleasure often turns them into unnecessary and not prone to fidelity. They are constantly attracted by everything new. The Fire Horse spends its energy without hesitation, and when it is in love, it will stop at nothing, and will achieve the desired result.

Earth horse sign

Earth horse signThe earth, in this sign, personifies material interests, and therefore people born under the sign of the earthly horse are more practical than their brethren. They have a greater interest in money than other types of horses. The earth horse has common sense and is not as rebellious and reckless as its close brothers.

Passion for the material aspects of life makes their spirit contradictory, because in the depths of their souls they remained wild and unchecked. Sometimes this sign can cause a certain distrust due to the duality of their personality, often the vicissitudes of their fate do not bypass them.

An earth horse can often play a double game, hiding many of its talents until a certain time. These personalities have attractiveness and magnetism, but this only becomes noticeable upon closer acquaintance, which they are reluctant to do.



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