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Eastern signs of the zodiac by month

In previous materials, it was already said that the Eastern (Chinese) horoscope is very ancient and is focused on agriculture as the main support of the country's life. Each lunar month was entrusted to the care of one of the Twelve Sacred Animals. Once again, remember that the Chinese New Year began on the second new moon after the winter solstice, and therefore it is impossible to establish exact calendar dates for the beginning and end of the month, the same for each year. Dawn does not come at the same time every day, however, according to the cycle of the Twelve Animals, each of them is assigned an interval of 2 hours during the day. We did the same with months.

Each of us has our own source of light inside, determined by the Sacred Animal of the year of birth. However, the influence of life circumstances also cannot be ignored. Seeds of the same plant planted in December and one of the spring months will develop differently. Life experiences and memories for both cases will be very different, and although the essence is similar, they will develop differently. Let's consider this in more detail, moving from one sign to another.

Rat Month 23.1122.12

The end of this month coincides with the shortest day of the year – the day of the winter solstice. At this time, everyone is trying to finish the last preparations before the onset of cold weather. You should not forget about saving, you must be able to limit yourself in many ways. There is still some time for fun. Despite the seeming optimism and outward manifestation of feelings, the inner world is preparing for the longest night, which is a symbol of death. If you want to recognize the Rat, it is best to put a piece of cheese on it and wait for it to fall into the trap. Emotions flare up instantly, speed of action is its hallmark. We are talking about a person who is mobile, curious, always striving to go beyond the limits of his capabilities. Developed intuition and an almost supernatural ability to guess other people's intentions allow her to always safely get out of difficult situations. The stormy social life delights and energizes it.

Month of the Ox (Ox) 23.12—20.01

This is a month of hibernation and recuperation. Year after year, different life forms were tested, and only the strongest managed to survive. Seeds and roots deep in the soil, protected and protected by the Earth. Now is not the time to express emotions violently. No matter how deep the feelings are, they must wait for better times. Everything is evaluated by reason and common sense. Guidance is needed from older and more experienced ones; they have survived many winters and are better at the art of survival. Severity prevails, and the slightest sign of disobedience must be immediately destroyed. You should behave with calmness, clarity of perception and common sense.

Melancholic people are born this month, people are serious and reserved. The month of Vol is difficult, and a person born under his yoke will have no time for jokes in life. Ox is a resolute and independent person. His strategy in life is energy conservation, and his main outward sign is silence.

Month of the Tiger 21.01 – 19.02

In Chinese tradition, the time of the Tiger means the arrival of spring, when warm winds begin to blow. The boldest fruit trees bloom, and the first insects circle among their branches. After a hard winter, the image of a blooming almond evokes a sudden uplift and a desire to violently express their emotions. But the time has not yet come to get under way, the movement is only foreseen. This is the time to make plans. The arrival of the Tiger liberates new forces, people again with enthusiasm try to carry out projects that, despite the external temptation, are not well thought out. The appearance of greenery after the long winter months and the dominance of white is driving people crazy.

We can say that brave and even reckless people are born in the month of the Tiger. They are obsessed with passions, risk excites them, and courage gives taste to life. Despite the fact that the Tiger is a lonely beast, he tries to involve as many people as possible in the implementation of his plans, he likes to reign without thinking about the consequences, he trains his resourcefulness and tests the strength of his feelings.

Rabbit (Cat) Month 20.0220.03

The real spring has already come and there is no time to waste. Everything old, obsolete, must be replaced. Maximum energy is invested in affirming everything new, and this primarily applies to the person himself, his body and inner world. Again, with the arrival of spring, life is reborn, and again, as immediately after birth, one must fight to become the master of a disobedient body. In any case, this is exactly what happens to most mammals that have spent the entire winter in hibernation. With people, in a way, the same thing happens. Renewal must take place from the inside and then outside, otherwise you can harm your health. At this time, it is easy to see how much energy took away the winter, and some elderly people have already left this world. Understanding and compassion for the weak are in keeping with the spirit of the month.

A person born in the month of Kota has a pleasant character, but sometimes he tends to withdraw into himself when faced with life's difficulties. Cats have a rich inner life, they are prone to comfort and aesthetic enjoyment of art.

Dragon Month 21.0320.04

In the midst of spring, life develops so rapidly that there is no moment left to look around. There are a thousand things to do, the roads are muddy from the rains, and when the whole world is already in motion, there is a lack of resources. At this point, you must try to maintain a balance between hectic activity and well-deserved rest. It is known that that lumberjack fells fewer trees, who sharpens his ax less often. During this month, you need to be able to take a breath and restore what is really important. Constant haste will not lead to good, so do not be overly diligent.

The dragon endows a baby born in his month with a spirit of competition, the desire to always be the first. He is characterized by the need for active action and impulsivity. The dragon is unusually lucky, he will successfully get out of any difficult situation, easily overcome all obstacles in his path and achieve what he wants.

Month of the Snake 21.04 – 20.05

The Wise Snake perfectly understands: in order to enjoy life (and this is very much to her liking), she must first work. Only a well-deserved victory allows you to enjoy it to the fullest. Just as the Snake patiently lurks its prey, the farmer must work hard at this time, otherwise the fruits of labor will flow through his fingers like sand. In this month, the foundation of well-being is laid for the whole year, the hands must be skillful and careful not to damage the young seedlings. You need to be as conscientious as possible, maintain a stable pace of work, without losing the rhythm. The experience of previous generations, who for centuries gave their love to the earth, is invaluable.

A person born in this month is always prudent and prudent. Honoring earthly values, he usually demonstrates the most materialistic sides of his nature. Outwardly even behavior can hide strong passions, as well as interest in everything related to fate, superstition, mysticism. The snake will never be able to come to terms with the fact that chance is capable of crushing all its hopes to the ground. If she could rise a little higher, develop her spiritual inclinations, most of her fears would be dispelled.

Month of the Horse (Knight) 21.0520.06

Once all the Snakes have left their burrows, it can be assumed that summer has come. In the month of the Horse (Horse) food is abundant. You should not be overly concerned about producing a lot, it would be wiser to be organized and do exactly what is needed at the moment; quality is more valuable than quantity. It is necessary to be as attentive as possible to your feelings and sensations, the relationship is at the very peak of its development. This time is good for concluding purchase and sale transactions, for acquiring new acquaintances and maintaining old ones. Abundance allows you to live easily, and it is possible that it is at this time that wealth and luxury comes.

A person born in the month of the Horse is very active, but his activities are not always orderly. Sometimes it manifests itself to such an extent that it borders on nervousness. The owner of such a temperament cannot be forced to anything, independence is a necessary condition for achieving results and making the most effective use of opportunities. The horse is intolerant, not inclined to compromise and commitment. He must remember that in order not to be judged, he must also refrain from judging others.

Month of the Goat (Sheep) 21.06 – 22.07

Chinese wisdom advises in the month of the Sheep to sit down, think and take stock of what has been done. A bountiful harvest ripens. But if you don't stop and think about what has already been done for this, there is a risk of forgetting about something important. The sheep takes care of their children; at this time, a person especially needs maternal warmth and protection. The memory of ancestors must be passed on from generation to generation. The fields at this time require a lot of care: the scorching Sun is already beginning to damage crops.

Anyone who is born at this time begins to understand early the benefits of humility, he is grateful for everything that has been given to him. However, abundance can create the basis for whims, the eternal search for “something tasty and new.” Over time, the Sheep learns to empathize, she gets along especially well with children and the weak, studies the history of her family, values ​​attachments, follows generally accepted norms of behavior. She only lacks order and discipline.

Monkey month 23.07 – 22.08

While we in the West enjoy the height of summer, Chinese farmers are already preparing for the coming of winter. In August, the first yellow leaves fall from the trees, although this is still almost imperceptible. The days are getting shorter, the equinox is approaching. Chinese wisdom advises to start preparing a home for rains and cold weather. The worst hurricanes happen at this time, especially in areas with sharp climatic contrasts. It is important to accustom children to any kind of work. The bins are already full, and it's time to start teaching the younger generation.

The monkey endows his charges with nervousness and anxiety. This person is always thinking about something and holding something in his hands. He is characterized by great dexterity, ingenuity and a sense of humor. The monkey is usually the favorite of the whole family. The older generation is happy to raise her children and can give them a good education. An adult Monkey, as a rule, is a knowledgeable person, pleasant to talk to and proactive. A penchant for risk taking, a desire for power and a passionate desire to be the center of attention could be considered her shortcomings, but she is forgiven everything, thanks to her enormous charm.

Month of the Rooster 23.08 – 23.09

Birds gather in flocks and fly away to warm lands…. On the other hand, the first geese arrive from the north, and the swallows are no longer visible in the autumn sky. The family hearth is being tested: some go to work, there is already little work in the village. The harvest is collected, the bins are full, there will be enough supplies for all the rest. Someone will have to change their occupation, someone prepares winter clothes. The moment has come for everyone to take their place and concentrate on work as much as possible. The rooster would gladly enjoy the contents of the pantries, but he has no choice but to conscientiously fulfill his duties.

A person born in the month of the Rooster has an open, sincere and slightly tough character. He is not distinguished by discretion, prefers directness, both in relation to himself and others. The rooster strives for self-improvement, it can bite someone out of good intentions in order to stimulate his performance. The rooster is betrayed by nervousness, excessive activity and talkativeness. In work, he always strives to achieve the best results.

Month of the Dog (Dog) 24.09 – 23.10

After the autumnal equinox, people become deeply pessimistic. Perhaps the fall of leaves once again reminds us of the inevitability of fate. Like the last autumn fruits, summer joys and the sweetness of life leave us. It is best understood and shared by close people. When the first fire is lit in the hearth, it is time to pass on life experience. The land is already ready for next year's harvest. Hard work robs people of joy. In ancient China, by the beginning, autumn, the administration of justice was timed, the death sentences were publicly carried out in order not to feed people in winter who did not show elementary respect for society.

The one who was born in the month of the Dog does not have much charm and cheerfulness. He is always melancholy, only occasionally a sad smile illuminates his face. Making a good impression and creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding is what the Dog sincerely strives for.

Boar month 24.10 – 22.11

The winter cold is approaching, and we must learn to resist it. We must carefully preserve and protect

everything created by your labor. If you have to participate in a duel, the sheen of impenetrable armor should terrify enemies. In bad weather, you so want to get away from reality, plunge into the world of imagination and fantasy. At this time, all internal resources are mobilized for survival. It will be hard for those who did not sow cereals and did not harvest. All work is done behind closed doors, hence the mystery inherent in this time.

The boar endows a person born in his month with powerful energy. His personality is mysterious, has a mysterious magnetism. However, the material interests of the Kaban are not alien. Gluttony is one of his many vices.

The month of the Pig encourages you to pay maximum attention to your family and take care of your loved ones. However, in order to preserve individuality, the Pig needs to feel feelings in the depths of his soul, keeping them secret.


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