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Front or front door according to Feng Shui

Where does the front door open

It is considered unfavorable in Feng Shui, when the door opens not inside the house, but outward – this deprives you of the opportunity to consolidate your success, since the flows of qi energy will constantly rush outward, and any achievement of yours will be short-lived.


  • so that the front door leads to the hall or hallway. Here, beneficial qi is accumulated and then evenly distributed throughout the house. If unfavorable energy enters the house, the hallway absorbs and dissipates it to some extent.
  • so that from the threshold of the front door you can see the living room, dining room or common room.

Feng Shui front door


  • so that the front door is located opposite the back door – because of this, a powerful flow of qi is formed, as if penetrating the whole house. You can avoid negative effects on feng shui at home by installing all sorts of barriers to the movement of energy – mirrors, screens, decorative lattices, plants or curtains.
  • if the front door opens to a staircase going up. In this situation, the flow of qi becomes sharp and unnecessarily moving. You can use bells or ornamental plants to slow it down.
  • if from the threshold of the front door you run into a wall located just 2 meters away from you. The view of a nearby wall blocks the advancement of body qi and more powerful energy flows in space. This can cause indecision, lack of initiative, dullness of perception and slowness of reactions. The situation will be corrected by a mirror placed on the wall opposite from the entrance, or plants, photographs and images of wildlife.
  • if the door that opens inward obstructs the view to the interior at this moment. Each time the person entering is in a confined space, and this subconsciously affects his psyche – depression, a feeling of hopelessness and alienation, loss of contact with others may occur.
  • if the bedroom , kitchen or bathroom are visible from the threshold . Their proximity to the front door adversely affects the well-being of the family, especially the kitchen. In traditional beliefs, the wealth that food symbolizes will be easily lost. To remedy the situation to some extent, keep the doors to these rooms always closed.

Feng Shui front door design

The best option for a residential building, according to Feng Shui experts, is a single-leaf wooden door. It is strong enough to create an obstacle for negative energies rushing to the house when any external objects are unfavorably located. Your well-being is thus protected at a basic level.


A double door is good only for a large mansion, because for an ordinary house, and even more so for a city apartment, it is disproportionately large. This upsets the balance of yin and yang and destabilizes the incoming qi flows . Problems caused by an imbalance of yin and yang can range from constant ailments to complete fiasco in all important areas of your life.

A revolving door is an unacceptable solution for a home from a Feng Shui point of view. We most often find such a door design in hotels, restaurants, casinos and similar establishments. They are placed in order to accelerate the movement of qi and thereby stimulate money circulation and customer flows. The entrance door of the described design creates the impression that the house every time swallows those who enter it. In your affairs, this can provoke failures that follow the rapid and uncontrolled development of the situation.

Orientation of the front door to the cardinal points

Northwest facing door

Element Metal

With this arrangement of the door, success is on the side of the father or the older man in the house. Promotes the manifestation of leadership qualities, enables successful career advancement and ensures a stable position in society, universal respect and honor. Additional stability can be provided by a door, the shape of which corresponds to the metal element.

North facing door

Element Water

This position of the door is favorable in the case when the battles for success have already died down, and now you have a need for a calm and measured life – you want, so to speak, to peacefully rest on your laurels. In another situation, lethargy, apathy and a desire to go with the flow may appear, it is highly likely that for family members this will result in mutual alienation. If such symptoms have already appeared, the situation will be changed by the activation of the opposite element (Earth). To do this, the door is painted brown, ocher or yellow. To enhance the purification of Qi when entering your home, use the door shape corresponding to the Water element.

Northeast facing door

Element Earth

Good in the case when the Feng Shui of the entire area is favorable. In general, the northeastern direction of the door makes the residents more susceptible to the influence of external forces, which brings in their actions and aspirations some chaos and excessive activity. The door, made in accordance with the element Earth, will have a stabilizing effect – it is strong, even massive, with square sections.

East facing door

Tree element

Perfect for those who are at the very beginning of the path to success and have enough perseverance and ambition to walk it with dignity. Helps to make a brilliant career, winning the patronage of influential people. This direction is especially favorable for achieving success in the field of commerce and business. The shape of the door in accordance with the Wood element (tall, with rectangular or oblong fragments) will favor the growth of prosperity and the acquisition of promising acquaintances.

To consolidate this success, you can add the element Earth – paint the door in brownish-ocher or yellow, or use a door shape that matches this element – with square details or sections. White color is unacceptable for door decoration.

Southeast facing door

Element Wood

This direction provides a worthy opportunity to improve the financial situation. Things will move slowly but surely, and ultimately a stable result will not be long in coming. To be able to always keep up with the times, constantly updating your views and methods of work, use the shape of the door in accordance with the element of Earth.

To enhance the possibility of growth (a quality associated with the Wood element), paint the doors in green or any shade of it, or use floral ornaments in the design. The direction is also favorable for long-term projects and long-term cooperation, that is, in those areas where there is a prospect of further growth.

South facing door

Element Fire

The direction is favorable for those who seek to lead an active social life, take a prominent place in society, gain recognition and gain fame and fame. A door made taking into account the shapes inherent in the element of Fire (pointed and triangular) will promote pep and optimism. The Fire element can create certain problems that can arise due to indulgence of one's whims and fleeting desires, as well as due to irascibility and excessive irritability. You can measure the “fiery” characteristics by adding the element Water to the design of the door, for example, by painting it in black or dark blue.

Southwest facing door

Element Earth

This direction is considered the most favorable for the mother or the eldest woman of the family and brings prosperity and harmony to family affairs. If the conduct of all affairs is concentrated in the hands of the mother, then her personality can become authoritarian and domineering. To prevent or correct the disharmony of Feng Shui of this kind, if it has already manifested itself, it is necessary to add the Wood element to the door design: use a green color scheme and choose a shape in accordance with this element – high, with rectangular sections.

In general, if the mother of the family is not too domineering and does not have authoritarian inclinations, then the green color in the design of the door is undesirable; preference should be given to yellow and brown colors, as well as their various shades. The shape of the door in this case must correspond to the element Fire – have triangular or pointed elements.

West-facing door

Element metal

The direction provides truly unlimited opportunities for creative growth for young children, so future success is theirs. Children are your most promising investment in this case, so take care of their education, all-round development, etc. The western direction is also associated with hobbies and romantic feelings, and in this regard, you will have to make sure that they do not become an obstacle to your path to success, or vice versa, so that zealous conquest of social heights does not deprive you of heartfelt unforgettable moments. Stability will be brought by the details associated with the element Earth – a crystal or an image of some earthly landscape, suspended in the hallway, as well as objects made of ceramics or plants in ceramic pots, placed at the front door. Doors will have a special strength

In addition to the above general Feng Shui recommendations for the location of the door, when choosing the direction of the front door, you can also be guided by the personal number of gua .


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