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Moon in the sign of Libra

The moon, once in the sign of Libra, finds a lot in common with their ruler Venus. It acquires lightness and airy grace, external and internal beauty and delights the world with its grace and refined manners.

General characteristics

People, in whose natal chart the Moon is located in the sign of Libra, are distinguished by their peacefulness and good diplomatic abilities. Deep down, they understand that the world consists of opposites, and for a comfortable existence in it, it is necessary to maintain balance and harmony between black and white, yin and yang , spiritual and material, between the outer form and the inner content.

Lunar Libra do not like extremes, and therefore always try to reconcile conflicting people. If quarrels and strife cannot be avoided, they will try to get away from an unpleasant situation for them. In personal life, people with the Moon in Libra are very compliant and in any circumstances try to find a common language with a partner. It is much easier for them to give up their positions a little than to be left alone.

On the other hand, Lunar Libra is quite sociable and talkative, and will always find a good company for rest and spending time together. They do not like to eat alone and are always happy to have a talkative and cheerful interlocutor with whom they can joke, discuss good news, cultural achievements and fashionable news.

Most lunar Libra have the following qualities:

  • Sociability, ability to support any conversation;
  • Ability to find compromises, smooth out corners in communication;
  • Romance, gallantry, peacefulness;
  • Greater susceptibility, frustration due to the imperfection of the world;
  • The tendency to worry and get upset over trifles, increased anxiety;
  • Love for fun and pleasure,
  • Striving for a carefree existence, frivolity;
  • Interest in the world of beauty and art, engaging in creative activities (poetry, painting, theater);
  • Rich imagination, daydreaming.

Most of the owners of the Moon in Libra take care of their health. They have no doubt that only a healthy body can have a healthy mind, and in addition to developing intellectual and creative potential, they also maintain their external beauty and attractiveness. Such people are happy to do gymnastics, aerobics, yoga and Pilates and do not neglect cosmetic and cosmetic procedures.

The health status of people with the Moon in Libra depends on their psychological well-being. They are very sensitive and tend to worry about little things. A confidential conversation with a loved one will help improve the emotional state and restore the lost peace of mind.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra for a man

A man, in whose natal chart the Moon is in the sign of Libra, is very amorous and windy. Not every woman will understand what the lunar Libra really needs. At first glance, this man is very gallant, romantic, courteous and tactful with ladies, but it is difficult for him to make a choice in favor of any one woman. Each representative of the opposite sex is ideal and perfect for him in her own way, but he will connect his fate only with the owner of a cheerful disposition and light character, who will not create problems and inconveniences in life.

Moon in Libra for a woman

A woman with the Moon in Libra is very smart, cheerful, agile and easy-going. Such a lady will appreciate if she is invited to a movie, to an exhibition or to a concert, she will be delighted with flowers and lovely compliments.

As a wife, she always values ​​her partner very much and is ready to put up with many of his shortcomings for the sake of peace and well-being in the family. Mom with the Moon in Libra pays a lot of attention to the aesthetic and creative development of the child. Her children are always beautifully dressed, well-mannered and delight the audience with amazing talents.

How to find a common language with the lunar Libra? They need to be protected from the imperfections and roughness of the world around them, from minor domestic troubles and worries, because the Moon in Libra was created for a world where cloudless happiness, beauty, love and harmony reign in everything.

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Garipova Lilia Ramilevna

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