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Libra – characteristic of the sign


Libra - characteristic of the signSign period : (September 24 – October 23)
Planet : Venus
Element: Air
Sign property: authoritarian, purposeful, cardinal

The characteristics of the representatives of the Libra sign suggests that they have a high level of intuitive intelligence. They are great conversationalists, their friendliness and subtle sense of humor can be envied. With others, Libra behaves quite openly and at the same time gently, not allowing careless statements and trying not to offend loved ones. In society, Libra gives the impression of active, successful people, but not everything is so simple: the nature of these airy people is very contradictory, and at times they themselves suffer from this.

Libra's whole life is a constant balancing act. Finding balance takes all your strength and free time. Any statement or look that can make Libra suspect that someone is not treating them well will not only upset them, but can cause the onset of prolonged depression.

Not only the mood of this sign is unstable, but also its state: periods of amazing energy are abruptly replaced by periods of absolute apathy and loss of interest in the world around them. Reading can save Libra from self-deprecation and destructive effects on its own inner world – one of the most favorite activities of these people.

Libra - characteristic of the signLibra man – characteristics

The Libra man is to some extent dependent on the opinions of the people around him. To take any serious action, such a person needs someone's approval and support. Therefore, for Libra, it is so important to have an understanding, deeply feeling partner nearby.

The characteristic of the Libra man suggests that he is a born seducer. His speeches are always affectionate and shrouded in a warm haze of tenderness, and his eyes seem to look into the soul of the interlocutor. When he does not find a response, his mood immediately changes in the opposite direction.

A man born under the sign of Libra is always ready to give valuable advice, because he has a wealth of knowledge behind him, enriched with extraordinary intuitive abilities. In case of disagreement with a friend or beloved, he will never resort to open confrontation, His element is calmness and silence. This is the only way Libra can feel happy.

The main drawback that determines the characteristic of the Libra man is indecision and too long weighing all the pros and cons. In a relationship, Libra hesitates for a long time to take the last step that will take the couple to a new level. However, if the separation is approaching, Libra will not miss the opportunity to convince the partner of the need to continue the relationship with their logical arguments.

Expecting unwavering loyalty and devotion from Libra is like counting on snow in the summer. The characteristic of Libra men indicates that this person loves freedom, and it is pointless to limit it, he will still find an outlet for himself. Often, this air sign simultaneously enters into a relationship with two girls at once, because of its indecision and inner callousness, not knowing which one to leave, and which one to continue communication with. Such situations can last for years until the deception is revealed and one of his chosen ones does not dare to leave.

Despite the friendliness, natural softness and lightness in communication, Libra can be quite difficult. This happens when he falls into periods of depression or nostalgia for times long gone. It is almost impossible to get him out of this state, there is only one way out – to give him time. So that he “enjoys” suffering. Yes, Libra really finds some charming charm in sitting for hours looking at old photo albums or listening to music related to certain events.

Having chosen such a partner as your husband, you should not expect a lightning-fast marriage proposal from him. It is better to do it yourself, because do not forget about his natural indecision. Having become a spouse, the Libra man is strict about the disorder in the house. Cleanliness around, as well as justice in everything – his sore spot. There are cases when these men divorced their wives due to the lack of thrift in them. With children, Libra find a common language well and in the family they are usually generous with manifestations of tenderness. In money, this man is not stingy and will gladly spend money to surround himself and his beloved with beauty and comfort.

 Libra woman – characteristic

A woman born under the sign of Libra is endowed with a talent for competently leading discussions. Her logic cannot be called feminine, since she is impeccable. This lady can argue with any man, while showing sufficient tact.

Libra - characteristic of the signThis airy woman is ruled by Venus, so the art of seduction is in her blood. It would seem that she is making no effort, but men fall at her feet and scatter flowers. Usually these women are very beautiful and elegant. The characteristic of a Libra woman speaks of her constant desire to make her environment more beautiful. To do this, she will not spare any money and even find a high-paying job in order to change the ordinary dullness to something delightful and beautiful. She is able to spend a lot of money on creating a beautiful interior and her own look. Clothes, cosmetics, expensive shoes, perfumes, beauty salons – this is the true element of this lady.

An integral character trait, which the characteristic of Libra women speaks of, is the ability to adapt to her man, sometimes bordering on self-denial. But this only happens if she feels truly loved. Otherwise, it is unlikely that she will begin to live by someone else's laws. Nevertheless, in marriage, this airy woman will become a real companion and assistant to her husband, supporting him in all endeavors. However, it is better not to try to subordinate her to your will by force – she will not stand it. The only way to influence Libra is through affection, tenderness, and soft words.

This woman is amazing in her combination of weakness and strength. She has a real, such, which is now rarely seen, natural femininity. But at the same time, in difficult times, he will show such steel in character that many men do not have.

Libra sexual compatibility

In adolescence, Libra is well compatible with representatives of the native element – Gemini and Aquarius . Their lightness and recklessness appeal to Libra. After 30 years, a good marriage is possible with Scorpio or Aries , who, like air, need the ability to gently balance this sign. In more mature years, Libra will find their happiness with representatives of the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius , appreciating their penchant for idealistic romanticism.


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