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Lunar health calendar

The lunar health calendar will help shape a daily routine Lunar health calendarthat will allow you to get the most out of each action. In addition, each lunar day has inherent relationships with various parts of the body and organs of a person, and the effect of the moon may not always be favorable, so it is better to know in advance what problems may arise in order to take all precautions in time. To accurately calculate the lunar day , use our online calendar.

1 lunar day – new moon. On this lunar day, you cannot expose your body to physical and intellectual stress, you should not overload the stomach with spicy or hot food, alcohol. It is best to devote as much time as possible to creative pursuits. It's also a good idea to start doing new, simple physical exercises, as well as going to the dentist for a check-up.

It is better to devote a lunar day to physical training. You can go not only to the gym, but at the same time to the bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool. The hearing organs and the back of the head will require increased attention today.

3 Lunar day is generally not very favorable. In no case should you prescribe an operation on the head or remove teeth for this day, the haircut will also be unsuccessful. Vision is at risk.

4 Lunar day is important for the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. To avoid problems with its functioning, you should limit yourself in the use of any animal food, but try to avoid the appearance of hunger.

5 Lunar day is the lunar day of merging with nature. It is useful to carry out various anti-aging measures and procedures for the prevention of diseases of the bronchi and upper respiratory tract.

6 Lunar day is fraught with danger for people with weakened immunity. You may have a cold or lung problems. Extraction of teeth is not recommended.

7 Lunar day can be made unloading. Therapeutic fasting and a variety of cleansing procedures are useful. Medicines taken on this day will have a beneficial effect on the body.

8 Lunar day is a day when the risk of food poisoning is high, intercostal neuralgia and angina pectoris are possible.

The 9th lunar day is ideal for an active pastime. Sports, steam bath, sauna or just walking in the park – all this will give a wonderful effect.

10 Lunar day is a day of fasting and cleaning the body, as well as increased physical activity.

11 lunar day. It is characterized by eating only light meals, drinking plenty of water and frequent water procedures. Treatment of lung diseases will be successful.

The 12th lunar day is characterized by a high rate of metabolic processes. It is beneficial for the treatment and use of cosmetics.

Lunar health calendar13 lunar day. It is better to carefully consider the choice of food, giving preference to nuts and pickles (while spicy and sweet foods should be excluded from the diet), limit fluid intake.

14 lunar day can create preconditions for the appearance of problems with the pancreas. Viburnum, barley dishes and beans will be of great benefit.

15 Lunar day this day is good to devote to cleaning the house, making cleansing masks. You should be extremely careful when eating, as there is a high risk of food poisoning. Animal food (fish is an exception) and mushrooms should be discarded.

16 Lunar day requires a person to show a sense of tact and increased attention to family members.

The 17th lunar day is ideal for cleansing the body, so it is good to starve a little, carry out cleansing procedures. The menu should be adjusted so that it contains only plant foods. In the risk zone of the kidney.

The 18th lunar day poses a danger to the appendix, colon and psychological comfort.

19 Lunar day is a day of close attention to the back, shoulder blades and peritoneum. Do not overstrain your eyes and abuse meat products.

20 Lunar day is favorable for physical activity, walks, blood purification procedures. It is better to take care of the liver.

21 lunar day is the day of plant foods. There is a high risk of damage to the lower spine, sacral part, pelvic joints.

22 lunar day. This is the time when it is useful to fast a little, to strengthen the immune system. Any surgical intervention is not recommended, and it is also better to refrain from cutting nails.

23 lunar day. On this day, one should engage in creative work, physical exercise, collecting medicinal herbs and preparing decoctions, tinctures. A good result will be given by the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

The 24th lunar day should be devoted to spiritual development, the analysis of past events.

It is better to spend a lunar day in a relaxed state, while refraining from overeating.

26 Lunar day favors all those who work in a team. Today, bold decision-making and sociability are encouraged.

The 27th lunar day is suitable for fasting and cleansing procedures, but it is dangerous for the senses and the head. Possible pressure problems.Lunar health calendar

The 28th lunar day requires a person to observe a one-day fast. An evening shower and a cool foot bath will have a beneficial effect on the human body.

29 Lunar day is a day of physical and mental cleansing, petition of grievances. It is better to eat only light meals.

30 Lunar day – this day is ideal for cleansing and fasting.


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