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Lunar birthday and moon phase

In our natal chart, the Moon and the Sun are especially significant fundamental energies. The Sun manifests Yang energy in us , making us an individual person who strives for a goal, and the Moon manifests Yin energy , making us subtle and receptive natures.

Lunar birthday

Lunar birthday

Now it is difficult to find a person who does not know his Solar zodiac sign on his birthday. But there is also the Lunar zodiac sign – this is the position of the Moon in a particular zodiac sign, at the time when a person was born. As there is no day without night, an astrological portrait of a person based only on the Sun sign of the zodiac will be completely incomplete, this especially applies to women, because the Moon personifies the feminine principle and it controls the personal qualities of all women.

The characteristics of our personality depend on the phase of the moon in our natal chart. The entire Lunar cycle is associated with the circle of human reincarnation, receiving astral information and accumulating karma in his past lives. In this regard, the further the date of birth is from the date of the new moon, the more experienced he is in the manifestation of the astral world. To calculate your lunar birthday, use our service.

A person born on the growing moon – his task in life is, the development of the external world, and the implementation of his knowledge, skills and abilities. Such people, already at birth, will be focused on active activity, strive in every way to achieve success and a high position in society. They are not interested in the people around and the surrounding events.

A person born on the waning moon  – his period of accumulation of experience and external activity is coming to an end, the time is coming for summing up. Such a person is most busy looking for eternal philosophical answers to the questions – who am I in this world? What is the meaning of life? How was the Universe born? He has little interest in the external environment and his social achievements. His efforts are reduced to ensuring that he has an interesting occupation in life and a small circle of friends. Self-esteem and self-esteem for him has a higher priority than his assessment of the personality of the people around him. He is oriented most of all inward.

A person born in the first phase (quarter) of the moon

Lunar birthdayPeople born in the first phase (quarter) of the Moon are energetic and active. They have many different abilities, and therefore it is difficult for them to focus on one thing. They tend to stand out and therefore often face difficulties because they do not have the ability to interact with different social groups of people. In the analysis of current events, they are usually guided not by facts, but more by their feelings. Very subjective. And they often fail, because they cannot really assess their strengths. The most active period of life is after 30 years. During this period, these people become more realistic, they can already decide on their favorite professional direction, and by the age of 45 they easily achieve success.

A person born in the second phase (quarter) of the moon

People who were born in the second phase of the moon from childhood are already adapted to the world around them. Such people are considered the most successful in social relationships. They are easy to achieve success, are practical and specific, they see profitable opportunities and know how to realize them. They quickly and easily discover their potential and succeed with ease. Often, by the age of 30, they are already firmly on their feet and have a stable income.

A person born in the third phase (quarter) of the moon

People born in the third phase (quarter) of the Moon have greater potential than they actually realize. In the first half of their lives, they are quite successful and, like all people of the waning phase of the moon, they very quickly find their favorite pastime in their lives. But over time, they are less and less interested in social success. And after about 40 years, and sometimes even later, they find completely new goals in their lives, begin to engage in their self-knowledge and, over time, begin to lose interest in any kind of social activity. They are drawn to such sciences as philosophy, or they are often very religious. If the Moon at the time of their birth had tense aspects or confrontations, then such a change in their goals can be dramatic, as a result of the collapse of their personal life, and possibly a career, or disappointment in their previous ideals.

A person born in the fourth phase of the moon (quarter)

Lunar birthdayPeople born in the fourth phase of the moon at first glance look like they are immersed in themselves. And in childhood, they often get sick. In life, they are not assertive due to the fact that they do not have the necessary amount of energy, which is necessary for self-affirmation. They are forced to do work that they do not like, do not like, but after about 30 years they can quit everything and do what they love, even if their loved ones do not approve of it. From such people who were born in the fourth phase of the moon, hermits and monks very often come out.

Full moon

People who were born on the full moon often grow up in dysfunctional families, or have a conflict with their parents. In childhood, they discover many of their abilities, and they are highly valued by the environment, but as a rule, by the age of 30, this reserve begins to deplete, and for which they are very worried. In search of inspiration, they can change a lot of different jobs, change their place of residence and at the same time stop at nothing. And only around the age of 55 do they begin to see the first results that will lead them to satisfaction.

New moon

The new moon is the first day of the lunar month. This is the time when all the results of the cycle of reincarnations are summed up, and on the first lunar day it is considered the first incarnation of a person.

A person born on such a day cannot express himself, he just gets to know the whole world around him. Such people have a similarity in the fact that they look immersed in themselves, their environment hardly understands. To calculate the lunar birthday, use our online calendar, for this fill out the form with the date of birth.

The crisis usually occurs at the very moment when they are born. On the day of the new moon, infant mortality at birth has the highest rate. Such children often get sick in childhood, they have problems with digestion and immunity. People born on the first lunar day of people accumulate vitality throughout their lives and over time everything will return to normal.


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