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Lunar calendar – dental treatment and surgery planning

lunar dental treatment calendarHippocrates (who lived 460 BC) – known as the founder of all modern medicine, said: ” He who practices medicine, ignoring the movement of the stars and planets, he is stupid.”

Well, modern doctors with a capital letter, today also follow the commandments of Hippocrates. For example, it is no secret to anyone that the lunar calendar has long been widely used in planning surgical operations.

Astrology, back in the time of Hipporkatus, figured out which sign of the zodiac is responsible for certain organs in our body.

Moon in the sign of Aries – is responsible for the head area, operations on the head, treatment and dental prosthetics are not recommended.

Moon in the sign of Taurus – is responsible for the neck area, no surgical interventions related to the neck area are recommended.

Moon in the sign of Gemini – is responsible for the bronchi and hands, respectively, no surgical operations are recommended, as well as dental treatment.

Moon in the sign of Cancer – is responsible for the stomach, surgical interventions related to the stomach are contraindicated.

Moon in the sign of Leo – is responsible for the musculoskeletal system and the heart.

Moon in the sign of Virgo – is responsible for the intestines.

Moon in the sign of Libra – is responsible for the nervous system and kidneys.

Moon in the sign of Scorpio – is responsible for the bladder and genitals.

Moon in the sign of Sagittarius – is responsible for the joints and hips.

Moon in the sign of Capricorn – is responsible for the skin, gallbladder, ears.

Moon in the sign of Aquarius – is responsible for the muscular system, lower leg.

Moon in the sign of Pisces – is responsible for the legs and feet.

To find out in which zodiac sign the moon is located , follow the link.

Tips for planning surgery and dental treatment

  • lunar dental treatment calendarYou need to try to plan operations and a trip to the dentist when the Moon transits through fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio). This is due to the fact that the hands of the surgeon or dentist must be stable, and no further complications should arise.
  • Pay attention to the phase of the moon when planning operations and dental treatment, for example, the worst time for this is the Full Moon. During the Full Moon, fluids in our body accumulate, blood pressure rises, so during the operation there are more chances for edema, hemorrhage, and other adverse consequences. Try to avoid having surgery 5 days before or after the full moon.
  • New Moon is the best time to have surgery or dental treatment. The body's fluid levels are the lowest, and therefore there is less chance of tumors or complications. But try to also avoid the growing moon, this is literally a few days after the new moon, at this time there is an accumulation of forces and the body is more difficult to endure any surgical interventions.
  • The waning phase of the moon is considered the most favorable for surgical interventions, including the treatment and prosthetics of teeth, the installation of braces, etc. In the waning phase of the moon, our body easily spends the accumulated energy and more favorably tolerates the intervention of doctors.


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