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Characteristics of lunar days

Knowing the characteristics of lunar days, we can learn to predict the bioenergetic effect on a person. Science has long proven that the lunar cycle has a strong impact on the human subconscious. And the subconscious, in turn, shapes our mood.

From the moment of the new moon, a new lunar month begins, and the 1st lunar day can last from several minutes to several hours. The shorter the lunar day is, the more energy we receive. The characteristic of such a lunar day is saturated with intense energy processes. An ordinary lunar day is always longer than a solar day by almost an hour. There can be both 29 and 30 lunar days in the lunar month. The thirtieth lunar day is not in every month, and it can last, like the first, only a few minutes.

Table: description and characteristics of lunar days

1 – lunar day – characteristic

2 – lunar day – characteristic

3 – lunar day – characteristic

4 – lunar day – characteristic

5 – lunar day – characteristic

6 – lunar day – characteristic

7 – lunar day – characteristic

8 – lunar day – characteristic

9 – lunar day – characteristic

10 – lunar day – characteristic

11 – lunar day – characteristic

12 – lunar day – characteristic

13 – lunar day – characteristic

14 – lunar day – characteristic

15 – lunar day – characteristic

16 – lunar day – characteristic

17 – lunar day – characteristic

18 – lunar day – characteristic

19 – lunar day – characteristic

20 – lunar day – characteristic

21 – lunar day – characteristic

22 – lunar day – characteristic

23 – lunar day – characteristic

24 – lunar day – characteristic

25 – lunar day – characteristic

26 – lunar day – characteristic

27 – lunar day – characteristic

28 – lunar day – characteristic

29 – lunar day – characteristic

30 – lunar day – characteristic

Characteristics of lunar daysIn the lunar month, there are days on which the critical moments of the lunar cycle fall – the phase days of the month. The energy characteristic of such lunar days as the 9th , 15th , 19th , 23rd and 29th is considered unfavorable. They are also called “satanic”.

On the other hand, there are good days that carry light energy – the 6th , 7th , 12th , 16th , 24th , 28th lunar days (if there is a 30th day ).

Each lunar day poses its own task for us, however, there are combinations of lunar days that form lunar trigonals with each other, when the energetic characteristics of these lunar days are favorably combined with each other. This means that on such days you can do the same things, and, conversely, not perform actions that were prohibited on one of the trigonal days. For example, on the 7th lunar day, you cannot complain about fate, complain that you have no money. The same is unfavorable to do on the 17th lunar day .

Lunar trigonals are presented in the table:

1st-11th -22nd

6th – 16th – 26th

2nd – 12th – 22nd

7th – 17th – 27th

3rd – 13th – 23rd

8th – 18th – 28th

4th – 14th – 24th

9th – 19th – 29th

5th – 15th – 25th

10th – 20th – 30th

Characteristics of lunar daysIn addition, the energy characteristic of lunar days on certain days takes on special strength. So, on the 4th , 6th , 7th and 12th lunar days, it is beneficial to use the energy of sound. Verbal and musical practices will be most effective during this period. And on the 3rd , 13th , 15th , 16th and 23rd lunar days, under the influence of the night luminary, energy-informational paths are opened that connect us with the information field of the Earth.

A full lunar month includes 30 days, and only such a month is considered perfect. In an incomplete lunar month, keeping 29 days, great trials await people. Then all critical days will be truly satanic: chaos draws people into its orbit more strongly and often triumphs. This is a triumph of illusions and permissiveness. The 29th lunar day in such a month is twice satanic, it brings a person inner emptiness and a terrible immersion in the illusion of outer life. However, if you build your life in accordance with the lunar rhythms , then this trouble can be experienced with dignity.


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